How long to cook duck broth?

Cooking 10 MIN

In a saucepan , cook duck broth for 1-1.5 hours with the lid ajar, in a slow cooker – the same amount. In […]


How long to cook venison?

Cooking 90 MIN

Soak venison before cooking for 12 hours, then cook for 1.5 hours. How to cook venison 1. Wash the deer meat well. […]


How long to cook veal tongue?

Cooking 120 MIN

Sprinkle the veal tongue with salt and insist in the refrigerator for a day. When cooking, put in cold water, cook for 1.5 – 2 hours . Then […]


How long to cook veal heart?

Cooking 60 MIN

Beef heart is boiled for an hour in salted water, after half an hour changing the water. Braised veal heart Products Calf’s heart — […]


How long to cook turkey wings?

Cooking 40 MIN

Put the turkey wings in boiling salted water, cook for 40 minutes . To cook the broth, boil the turkey wings for 1 hour . The shoulder and […]