How to fry eggs

Break chicken eggs (2-3 eggs) into a bowl, beat or mix if desired. Preheat a frying pan, pour oil, pour in the egg mixture and fry for 5-7 minutes over medium heat without a lid.

Fry fried eggs for 5 minutes over medium heat without a lid, then 3 minutes over low heat under a lid.

How to fry an egg

Ingredients for 2 servings Chicken eggs
– 4 pieces
Vegetable oil – 2 tablespoons
Salt and pepper to taste over low heat without a lid. If you want a well-fried scrambled eggs – then it is recommended to cover the pan with a lid. When serving, you can sprinkle the scrambled eggs with grated cheese. How to fry fried eggs in a frying pan Heat the frying pan, pour in the oil, gently break the eggs and pour their contents into the frying pan, trying not to touch the yolks. The egg white should evenly coat the skillet.

Salt and pepper the eggs, fry the fried eggs for 5 minutes over medium heat. Then cover the pan with a lid and fry for another 3 minutes.

How to fry fried eggs in a slow cooker
In a slow cooker, fry fried eggs for 15 minutes.

How to fry scrambled eggs in
an air grill In an air grill, fry scrambled eggs at a temperature of 200 degrees and medium ventilation for 10 minutes.

How to fry eggs in the microwave
Melt a teaspoon of butter in a wide deep bowl, break 2 eggs into the same place and pour in 5 tablespoons of milk, salt, pepper, sprinkle with cheese. Mix well. Put in a plate with eggs in the microwave and fry the scrambled eggs for 3 minutes at the highest power (about 800 W). Fry the fried eggs from 4 eggs in the microwave for 5 minutes.

How to fry scrambled eggs on a fire
There are several options:
1. On a sheet of metal – it is advisable not to break the yolk so that the scrambled eggs do not drain. Fry 2 eggs for 1-3 minutes depending on the power of the coals.
2. On a baking sheet or in a frying pan – fry 2 eggs over medium coals for 2-3 minutes.

How to fry scrambled eggs on a perforated iron
Form a bowl shape from the foil according to the outlines of the iron (or you can use a frying pan according to the size of the sole of the iron). Break the eggs into the mold.
Turn on the iron, turn it over and fix it so that the mold with eggs is firmly held on it.
Depending on the power of the iron, the set temperature and the desired degree of roasting, fry the scrambled eggs for 2-5 minutes.

How to fry eggs on an iron soleplate without holes
1. Fix the iron so that its soleplate is parallel to the floor.
2. Turn on the iron, grease the soleplate with vegetable oil.
3. Break the egg into a bowl so that the yolk remains intact.
4. When the iron is hot to the touch, put the yolk in the center with a tablespoon, and gently pour the protein around so that the egg does not glass from the sole of the iron.
5. Fry the scrambled eggs for 2 minutes.

Fry your eggs the right way!

– To achieve doneness on 2 sides, simply flip the scrambled eggs at the end of cooking. At the same time, the fried eggs should immediately be fried so that the eggs in the pan do not touch each other.

– If you are frying scrambled eggs with melted cheese, it should be added at the end, otherwise it will settle to the bottom of the pan and deprive the softness of the scrambled eggs during frying. By the way, processed cheese is very salty, so eggs should be salted very sparingly.

– If you are frying scrambled eggs from yolks beaten with whites, it is recommended to salt the scrambled eggs already in the pan, otherwise the salt may clump in the raw mixture and the scrambled eggs risk becoming partly unsalted and partly oversalted.

– Large (more than 6 eggs) fried eggs in a large frying pan are recommended to be fried under a lid and on a small wide fire so that the scrambled eggs cook evenly. Otherwise, it will turn out that the center of the scrambled eggs will be rubbery, and the edges and the top will be undercooked.

– For frying eggs, vegetable (sunflower, corn or olive) or butter is used. Calorie content of 2 chicken eggs
fried in sunflower oil, weighing about 60 grams = 125 kcal.

How to fry an omelet

Products for 2 servings
Chicken eggs – 4 pieces
Milk – a quarter of a glass
Sweet bell pepper, tomatoes – half each
Cheese and sausage – a small piece each
Vegetable oil – 1 tablespoon
Pepper and salt – to taste

How to fry an egg omelet
Break the eggs into a bowl, beat using a mixer or whisk. Pour in milk, add salt and pepper, and mix well.
Peel the bell peppers from seeds and stalk, finely chop. Finely chop the sausage or rub it on a coarse grater. Pour boiling water over the tomato, peel and chop finely. Grate the cheese on a coarse grater.
Heat the pan over low heat, pour in the oil, pour in the omelet mixture, put the sausage, bell pepper, and tomatoes on top. Cover the skillet with a lid and cook for 10 minutes. 1 minute before the end of frying, sprinkle the omelet with grated cheese.
Check out the classic omelette recipe .

It is better to serve fried eggs on a preheated plate, as the scrambled eggs cool instantly.