How to cook saltison?

Saltison stuffed with boiled stuffing, cook for 1 hour . In total, it takes 2 days to cook a cowboy, time in the kitchen – 2 hours.

How to cook saltison

Pork stomach – 1 piece
Pork head – half (can be replaced with an equal weight of pork knuckle or pork legs + fillet)
Pork tongue – 1 piece
Pork kidneys – 2 pieces (can be replaced with 1 more pork heart)
Pork heart – 1 piece
Vinegar 9% – 2 tablespoons
Bay leaf – 4 leaves
Garlic – 7 cloves
Onion – 2 heads
Carrots – 2 large
Salt – 2 tablespoons
Peppercorns – a handful

How to cook Saltison
1. Soak pork stomach in cold water overnight.
2. Rinse the pork stomach, remove the film – this should be done with your hands and very carefully so as not to tear the stomach.
3. Cut off the fat from the outside with a knife.
4. Put the stomach in a bowl, pour water, pour 1 tablespoon of vinegar and 2 leaves of parsley, leave for 1 day.
5. Cut the pork head in half or cut off the meat parts, remove excess fatty parts.
6. Scrap the head with a sandpaper, cut off the ears and clean the inside and out.
7. Put all parts of the head and offal in a saucepan with salted cold water, put on fire, drain the first broth, pour fresh water. 8. Boil pork for 3 hours after boiling, half an hour before the end of cooking, put onions, carrots, salt and pepper.
8. Finely chop the meat and fat from the head, clean and chop the tongue, chop the ears very finely.
9. If necessary, add salt to the filling, season with chopped garlic.
10. Put the filling in the pork stomach, sew the edges of the stomach with a dense thread.
11. Put saltison in the remaining broth, add water if necessary – it is important that the pork stomach is completely covered with broth.
12. Put the pan with saltison on a quiet fire, cook after boiling for 1 hour.
13. Put saltison, put under pressure, cool and put in the refrigerator under pressure for 12-15 hours.
14. Remove the press, cut the saltison and serve as a cold appetizer.

Tasty Facts

Saltison is offal boiled in a pig’s stomach, less often meat or minced meat, very rarely with the addition of vegetables. The products are sewn up in the processed pig stomach with a thread, then this “sausage” is placed in water and boiled for 2-3 hours (depending on the size. The pork stomach contracts during cooking, the offal boiled in it is cooked as if under pressure, and after cooking and cooling it turns out dense, like sausage, cutting.

When cooking saltison, it is necessary to choose the right pork stomach: firstly, the size is important, since the amount of other products depends on it: 1-1.3 boiled fillings can fit in the average stomach, but deviations are possible. Therefore, the fillings for saltison should be with a margin, but also taking into account that it can remain. Excess toppings can be used in offal salads.

After the saltison is stuffed, the pork stomach should be sewn up: this must be done with a needle and cooking thread. Cooking string can be replaced with regular cotton thread.

There are 2 ways to cook saltison:
1. First, meat products are boiled, then they are chopped and placed in the pig’s stomach. The finished saltison is boiled for another half an hour, left under pressure and insisted.
2. Raw meat products are placed in the pig’s stomach and boiled until tender for 2-3 hours.
The choice of method depends on the products used. If you cook saltison from large parts or from meat on the bone, they should be boiled first. If tongues, sirloins of meat and minced meat are used, then they can be cooked immediately in the stomach.

Other names for Saltison are brawn, kolbik or kosbyk.

Serve saltison with adjika, horseradish, mustard and black bread.

If lean meat is used for saltison, gelatin should be used additionally so that the filling is firmly frozen and does not fall apart when cut.

If there is no pork stomach, you can cook saltison in juice bags or in heat-resistant bags.