How to cook polenta?

Boil water and salt, add polenta, cook for 30 minutes over low heat, stirring with a wooden spoon. Season at the end of cooking.

For 100 grams of polenta corn flour, 300 milliliters of water are needed.

Cook the polenta in a double boiler for 40 minutes.
In a slow cooker, cook polenta for 30 minutes on the “Baking” mode.

How to cook hominy

Products for cooking hominy
Polenta – 100 grams
Pork – 200 grams
Eggs – 2 pieces
Water – 300 milligrams
Salt, pepper – to taste
Cheese / Feta – 1 tablespoon
Butter – 2 tablespoons

How to cook hominy
1. Cut the pork into cubes with a side of 2 centimeters.
2. Peel and cut the onion into half rings.
3. Pour half a liter of water into the pan, put on fire, wait until it boils.
4. Add meat to a pot with boiled water, cook for 20 minutes.
5. Fry onion half rings in vegetable oil with the addition of a tablespoon of cream until golden brown.
6. In another saucepan with 300 milliliters (glass) of water, boil the polenta.
7. Transfer the meat with a slotted spoon to the onion pan.
8. Gradually add the pork broth to the meat and onions.
9. Separately, fry the eggs in butter
. 10. Serve the hominy, spreading the meat, fried eggs, feta cheese and cooked polenta on different plates.

In order for the hominy to turn out correctly, follow the proportions of water and polenta: 1: 3.

Fun facts about polenta

Polenta is a flour made from corn grits that is boiled with water until thick.

The calorie content of polenta is 306 kcal/100 grams.

When preparing polenta, mushrooms, Mozzarella cheese, vegetables (tomatoes, potatoes, pumpkin), shrimp are added. You can also boil corn polenta in milk and serve it with jam or hot chocolate.

Seasonings for polenta – basil, oregano, black and white ground pepper.

Polenta is served with sour cream, adjika , muzhdei sauce.

Cook polenta in a copper cauldron, thick-walled saucepan or cauldron.

Polenta, unlike many cereals, can be consumed both cold and hot.

Polenta is very beneficial for health – it supports cell renewal, prevents cancer, and has a beneficial effect on digestive processes. In diets, polenta replaces bread.