How to cook frozen squid

Steam the squid carcass for 3 minutes .

How to cook squid without defrosting

1. Do not defrost frozen squid (either a whole carcass, or rings, or peeled squid).
2. Pour cold water into a saucepan with a margin to fit all the frozen squids.
3. Put the pan on a gentle fire, bring the water to a boil.
4. Add salt, pepper and bay leaf to the pan.
5. Put squids in boiling water, detect 1 minute for cooking.
6. Turn off the heat under the saucepan, cover with a lid and leave the squid for 10 minutes.

Cooking Tips

During the slow heating of water, the squid is almost completely defrosted, and it is cooked already thawed.

Usually squids are cooked without defrosting, if there is absolutely no time for it. However, the easiest way to cook soft squid is in a saucepan, as the squid cooks in it in a minimum of time and very easily.