How much to fry carp on a fire

Fry whole carp on a fire for 25 minutes, in pieces – 20 minutes.

How to roast carp on a fire

Carp – 2 fish
A mixture of dried Provence herbs – half a teaspoon
Cumin – half a teaspoon
Dried dill – a pinch
Olive oil – 100 milliliters
Salt – half a teaspoon

How to cook carp on a fire
1. Peel the carp with a knife, rinse.
2. Remove the insides from the specks, cut out the gills, wash again.
3. If the carps are large and do not fit entirely on the grill, cut them into separate pieces.
4. For whole fish, on both sides, make three to four small transverse cuts every couple of centimeters.
5. Grind dry Provencal herbs and cumin in a mortar.
6. Pour oil into a bowl, add chopped spices, salt, dried dill, mix.
7. Pour the marinade over the cleaned carps, set aside for 1 hour.
8. Put the marinated carp on the grill on the grill over medium heat, fry for 25 minutes, turning the grill over in the middle of cooking. If you fry the carp not entirely, but in pieces, then you can check the readiness after 20 minutes.
9. Periodically brush the carps with the remaining marinade using a cooking brush.

Tasty Facts

– Before roasting on a fire, whole carps need to make small longitudinal cuts every 2 centimeters along the ridge so that the bones are fried and do not get into food. You can insert slices of vegetables or lemon into the cuts. – Rosemary, lemon, dill, parsley, dried garlic, sesame, coriander are suitable

for roasted carp as spices .

– To fry whole large carp on charcoal , you must first marinate it for 2-3 hours and wrap it in foil before frying so that it cooks evenly.

– Carp is a moderately fatty fish, so it is allowed to bake it in foil: in the foil there will be an abundant release of the fish’s own juice, but the carp will still not be too fatty, unlike fatty fish varieties, which are recommended to be baked without foil so that excess fat can drain.