How much to cook unpeeled squid

Unpeeled squid must be gutted and cleaned, boiled for 2 minutes under the lid.

How to cook unpeeled squid

1. Defrost unpeeled squid, gut, remove the plate.
2. Heat 2 cups of boiling water, add salt and spices, you can add a couple of drops of lemon juice.
3. Lay out the squid without peeling them – as it cooks, it will come off by itself.
4. Cook for 2 minutes, cool under running cold water and peel off the film. Keep in mind that squid becomes tough when cooked for a long time.

We cook delicious

Unpeeled squid is usually sold with entrails and pink or burgundy skin, which the squid successfully gets rid of as it cooks. At the same time, it is believed that squid with skin is more aromatic than industrially processed carcasses. The meat of an unpeeled squid is softer than that of peeled carcasses. Unpeeled squids are suitable for feeding children and pregnant women due to their low allergenicity.

Correctly calculate the required number of unpeeled squids: by removing the entrails and cleaning, their weight is reduced by about 2 times.

You can cook the squid unpeeled, as it cooks, the skin will curl up into foam and it will be enough to rinse it under cold water. But it is better to clean off the film, as it can get stuck in the teeth.

Keep in mind that squids dry out instantly, so it’s best to cook them just before adding them to the dish.