How long to cook vongole?

Sort and rinse vongole shells before cooking. Boil a small amount of water, lightly salt, because. Boiled vongole is quite difficult to evenly salt. Put in a pot of boiling water vongole directly in the shells, cook for 2 minutes. There is no hair inside the vongole, as in mussels, so you can serve without cleaning right in the shells.

How to cook vongole

Vongole – 1 kilogram
Parsley – 1 bunch
Olive oil – 4 tablespoons
Garlic – 2 cloves
Salt – 4 teaspoons of salt

Food preparation
1. Wash 1 kilogram of shells under running water, removing broken and bad ones.
2. Put the shells in a bowl and pour water so that the water covers the shells.
3. Pour 1 teaspoon of salt into a bowl of water.
4. Rinse the shells with your hands to remove all sand and particles.
5. Leave the vongole in the solution for 1.5 hours, during which change the water, adding 1 teaspoon of salt until the water becomes clear. As a rule, 4-5 water changes are required.
6. After 1.5 hours, rinse the shells under running water and let dry for 5 minutes.

Preparing Vongole
1. Pour 4 tablespoons of olive oil into a heavy-walled saucepan and place over medium heat.
2. Fry 2 finely chopped garlic cloves in oil.
3. Put the vongole in the pan and fry over medium heat for 3 minutes.
4. Pour half a glass of boiling water and hold on fire for 4 minutes.
5. When all the shells open, sprinkle them with finely chopped parsley and mix.
6. Darken the shells on the fire for another 1 minute and serve.

Tasty Facts

– Vongole (they are otherwise called cocksuckle) are marine mollusks that are mined in the Gulf of Naples in the Campania region.

– Vongole is used to prepare pizza, sauces for side dishes and pasta, and also eat it fresh, taking the clams out of the shell.
– When cooking vongole, it is important not to overcook the shells, otherwise they will become “rubber”.

– When buying vongole, you need to be careful: fresh clams have tightly closed doors.

– Vongole calorie content – 49 kcal / 100 grams.

– The shelf life of ready-made vongole in the refrigerator is 2 days.