How much to cook soyutma?

Cook soyutma for 5-6 hours, of which cooking – 4 hours on the quietest fire under the lid.

How to cook soyutma

for 8 servings
Lamb (pulp from the ribs and legs) – 4 kilograms
Veal – 1 kilogram Lamb
shank – 4 shank
Quince – 9 pieces
Onion – 2 large heads
Carrots – 4 large
Salt – 1-2 tablespoons
Pepper – to taste

How to cook soyutma
1. Wash lamb pulp, veal, lamb shanks.
2. Cut the mutton pulp from the leg and veal into large pieces of any shape, do not cut the mutton pulp from the ribs.
3. Put the chopped meat in a cup, salt, pepper, set aside for an hour.
4. Wash two quinces and two carrots, cut the quince into slices 0.5 cm thick, carrots into thin sticks the entire length of the carrot.
5. Spread the flesh from the ribs flat on a straight surface so that the edges of the meat layers overlap each other.
6. From one edge of the resulting meat layer, lay out the chopped pieces of lamb and veal.
7. On top of the pieces of lamb and veal, evenly place quince slices and carrot slices so that they lie along the entire length of the edge of the meat.
8. Gently wrap the stuffed meat into a roll with your hands.
9. Tie the roll with kitchen string so that it does not fall apart.
10. Roll the roll into a ring by tying the opposite ends of the rope.
11. Pour 3-4 liters of water into a cauldron or thick-walled pan, place on a strong fire, let it boil.
12. Salt the water, put lamb shanks in it.
13. Peel onions, do not chop.
14. Wash the remaining quinces, cut each quince in half, do not cut the core.
15. Quinces and onions put in boiling water to lamb shanks, put meatloaf on top – it should be half immersed in water.
16. Cover the cauldron or pan with a lid, reduce the heat to low, cook for 4 hours, turning the roll over every hour.
17. Remove the finished roll from the pan, hang until completely cooled.
18. Serve the roll sliced ​​on a platter along with boiled drumsticks.

Tasty Facts

— Soyutma is a thick lamb or beef soup, a dish of Azerbaijani cuisine. Translated, “soyutma” means “eat faster before it gets cold.”

– So that the meat does not fall apart over a long time of cooking, it is always placed in a soyutma in large pieces .

– To taste, you can add grape juice or freshly squeezed lemon juice, tkemali to the soyutma.

– Lamb in soyutma can be completely replaced with veal.

– The ideal saucepan for soyutma is a large cauldron. Soyutma is considered a guest dish and is usually prepared in large quantities.

– Soyutmy broth is usually drained and enjoyed separately, because. during cooking, it acquires a special taste, for which it is called not just a broth, but “soyutma juice” . If the juice is thick, you can dip the meat into it.

– Vegetables in soyutma can be cut into large pieces – or you can put them whole, they will boil during cooking.