How much to cook raspberry and currant compote

It takes 1 hour to prepare 2 liters of raspberry and currant compote.

Raspberry and currant compote for the winter

For two liter jars
Raspberries – 800 grams
Currants – 800 grams
Sugar – 300 grams
Water – 500 milliliters

How to make compote from raspberries and currants
1. Pour 400 grams of raspberries and currants into each jar (wash the berries first).
2. Pour water to the top of the jars – this will help determine the amount of syrup.
3. Pour water from cans into a saucepan, pour half a kilogram of sugar there. Stir and boil.
4. Pour boiling syrup into jars with berries.
5. After 15 minutes of infusion, heat the syrup again to a boil (after pouring from the jars into the pan) and re-fill the jars.
6. Close jars with compote with lids and put them upside down. Wrap the top with a towel.
When the jars with raspberry and currant compote have cooled down, transfer them to the cellar or pantry (the place is dry, dark and, if possible, cool).

Raspberry and currant compote

For 4 liters of drink
Raspberry – 800 grams
Black currant – 800 grams
Sugar – one and a half glasses (300 grams)
Water – 2.5 liters

How to make compote of raspberries and currants for the winter
1. Sort and wash raspberries and black currants in a colander.
2. Place the berries in a saucepan.
3. Add one and a half cups of sugar to the berries and pour in 2.5 liters of water.
4. Bring compote to a boil, then cook for 7 minutes.
5. Close the pot with compote with a lid (cover with a towel to keep warm) and let the drink stand for 40 minutes.
6. Strain the cooled compote through a fine sieve, cool and serve. You can additionally serve pieces of ice in each glass of compote.

Tasty Facts

– For compote, you can take black and red currants. Redcurrant is a more acidic berry, so the amount of sugar should be increased to 1 kilogram.

– When preparing compote from raspberries and currants for the winter, you can use the sterilization of jars with compote (heat for 10 minutes in boiling water) or first cook compote as for daily consumption, and then pour into jars and close with lids.

– In order to save storage space and containers, it is recommended to cook concentrated compote for the winter: fill the jar tightly with berries, and boil the syrup with a large (about 30%) amount of sugar. When used, this drink is diluted with water.