How long to cook raspberry compote?

Cook raspberry compote for 7 minutes .

How to cook raspberry compote

Products for a 3-liter jar
Raspberries – 500 grams
Water – 3 liters
Sugar – 250 grams
Anise seeds – half a teaspoon

How to cook raspberry compote
1. Select dense berries for compote, peel them from the leaves.
2. Pour water into the pan, put on fire. Add sugar to hot water, dissolve it in water, add anise. Boil the syrup after boiling for 5 minutes.
4. Put raspberries in syrup, cook for 7 minutes after boiling over low heat.
5. Pour hot compote into jars, roll up and leave to cool in a blanket or bedspread.

Tasty Facts

– Raspberry compote can be prepared with the addition of other berries: blackcurrant, gooseberry, blackberry, strawberry or with the addition of summer apple varieties, cut into thin slices.

– Raspberry compote is recommended to be prepared from intensely colored ripe berries.

– You can make raspberry compote from frozen raspberries. To do this, in the summer you need to collect raspberries and freeze them in the freezer. Berries should be frozen in bulk on a flat surface (for this, some freezers have special trays) and only after that collect them in a bag. This form of freezing will allow the berries not to stick together when frozen.

– For a rich taste in raspberry compote, you can put a small slice of lemon or add two pinches of citric acid.

– In order to preserve vitamins when preparing compote, you should pour fresh or frozen raspberries with cooled boiled water, add sugar to taste, cover with a lid and let the drink brew for several hours. Compote will remain vitamin, as the berries will not be boiled.

– Caloric content of raspberry compote – 60 kcal / 100 milliliters.

– With proper storage (in a cool dark place), raspberry compote can stand not for 1, but for several years.

– When cooking compote, raspberries lose their color and in this form can spoil the appearance of the drink. To prevent this from happening, and also so that the raspberry seeds do not get into the drink, you can wipe the raspberries through a sieve after cooking.