How much to cook prunes compote?

Cook prunes compote for 20 minutes .

How to cook plum compote

Per 1 liter of compote
Prunes – 200 grams
Water – 800 milliliters
Sugar – 150 grams

How to cook prunes compote Rinse prunes
thoroughly. Pour water into the pan, add sugar and berries, cook for 20 minutes after boiling. After cooking compote with prunes, cool and pour into a decanter.

How to cook prunes compote in a slow cooker
1. Rinse the prunes, put them in a colander and let the water drain.
2. Put prunes, sugar into the bowl of the multicooker and pour water over the food.
3. Thoroughly mix the food in the slow cooker.
4. In the multicooker, set the “Multipovar” mode, time 20 minutes and temperature 100 degrees.
5. Prepare compote before the end of the program.

How to cook prunes compote in a bread machine
1. Get out the bread baking dish, while there is no need to install a kneading blade.
2. Place the prunes and sugar in a mold and cover with baking paper with a hole in the center, which will be used as a lining under the lid.
3. Select the appropriate menu in the bread machine (each type of bread machine has its own number in the menu).
4. Press the “Start” button.
5. After cooking, let the compote cool down a bit.

Tasty Facts

1. You can add some raisins, apples and dried apricots to the prunes compote.

2. If the prunes are dry, it is recommended to soak them in warm water before cooking compote.

3. Prunes contain sugary substances and fiber, so prune compote can be a good natural laxative.

4. Shelf life of prunes compote in the refrigerator is 3 days.

6. Calorie content of prunes compote – 60 kcal / 100 grams.