How much to cook pork stomach?

Boil the pork stomach for 1.5 hours. Boil the stuffed pork stomach for 2 hours.

How to boil pork stomach

1. Wash the pork stomach, rub it with a brush, cutting off the film of fat.
2. Boil water.
3. Turn inside out, dip in boiling water for a few seconds.
4. Remove the inner film: pry off the film with your fingers and gently pull it over the entire surface of the stomach.
5. Boil water, add salt, put the stomach.
6. After boiling, cook over medium heat, removing the foam.
7. Boil the stomach for 1.5 hours under the lid with a slight seething.
8. Drain the water, rinse offal with cold water.
Pork stomachs are boiled – they can be used in a salad or fried as a hot dish.

How to cook stomach

Before cooking, washed stomachs can be rubbed with salt and left for 12-14 hours. After this procedure, rinse with cold water and boil the stomachs for only 1 hour.

If the pork stomach has a strong smell, you can pickle it in water with the addition of 2 tablespoons of 9% vinegar and 1 bay leaf, or in brine from pickled cucumbers or tomatoes. The smell will go away in 4-6 hours.

When cooking, the pork stomach shrinks 3-5 times.

Pork stomach is an ideal casing for making Saltison, as it is medium in size, has a strong structure and elasticity. In addition, the pork stomach has original taste qualities and will complement Saltison.

Pork stomach is one of the cheapest offal, but it is quite rare in supermarkets. Pork stomach can be found in the market or asked in advance at the butcher shop. When choosing, pay attention to the size of the stomach: it can affect the amount of stuffing if the stomach is needed for use as a shell. Also check the stomach for integrity: if the stomach is torn, there will be painstaking work to sew it up.