How long to cook pork tails

Pork tails are boiled for 1.5 hours.

How to cook pork tails

When buying, you should choose pink tails cleaned from bristles.

Pork tails can be cooked as a separate dish, for this you need to: rinse the tails well, peel, place in a saucepan, add water, salt and cook over low heat for about two hours. Then cut the boiled tails into small pieces and add spices to your taste. Cook for 2 hours.

Pork tails are a valuable meat offal that is used to prepare various dishes: soups, brawn, jelly, etc.

You can bake the offal in the oven, fry or grill, it will take only one hour.

Pig tails and gadgets

This product can be cooked in a slow cooker in the mode of cooking or stewing for 1.5 hours. They make stew from pork tails , boil the tails with the addition of spices and seasonings for 4-5 hours over low heat and close them in glass jars for the winter.

In a pressure cooker, tails are the fastest to cook – in 40 minutes the tails can be completely boiled (for example, for jelly ).