How much to cook pepper for the winter?

Cook pepper for the winter with 9% vinegar for 10 minutes, in a slow cooker – 15 minutes after boiling in the “Quenching” mode.

Sterilize pepper for the winter with apple cider vinegar in a saucepan for 25 minutes, in a slow cooker – 30 minutes in the “Steaming” mode.

Pepper salad recipe for the winter

for 2 liter jars Sweet peppers – 2.5 kilograms
Onions – 2 large heads
Tomato juice – 1 cup (can be replaced with 3 medium-sized tomatoes)
Vinegar 9% – three quarters of a cup
Sunflower oil – three quarters of a cup
Salt – 1 tablespoon with slide
Sugar – three quarters of a glass
Bay leaf – 3 leaves
Peppercorns – 10-15 peas to taste

Food preparation
1. Wash the pepper, remove the stalks, cut out the seeds.
2. Peel the onion and cut into half rings half a centimeter thick.
3. Cut each pepper into 4-6 lengthwise pieces.
4. If tomatoes are used when preparing salad for the winter, they must be peeled, after having been doused with boiling water; then cut the tomatoes into cubes.

How to cook pepper salad in a saucepan
1. Place tomatoes (or tomato juice), sugar, salt, oil, peppercorns and bay leaf in a saucepan.
2. Put the pan on the fire and bring to a boil with occasional stirring so that the sugar is completely dissolved in the marinade.
3. Pour in the vinegar, bring to a boil, add sweet peppers and onions, cook for 10 minutes with low boiling.

How to cook pepper salad in a multicooker
1. Put the products for the marinade into the multicooker container, turn it on in the “Stew” mode and bring to a boil with occasional stirring.
2. Pour in vinegar, add pepper and onion.
3. With the lid of the multicooker open, cook the pepper salad for 15 minutes.

Arrange the pepper in jars, pour over the marinade, twist and cool upside down. Remove jars with ready pepper for storage.

Pepper salad for the winter

for 2 liter jars Sweet pepper – 2.5 kilograms
Water – 1 liter
Honey – a jar of 200 grams
Apple cider vinegar – 100 milliliters
Salt – 1 tablespoon

Preparation of products
Wash sweet pepper, dry, remove the stalk and seeds, cut into strips 2 cm thick.
How to cook pepper salad in a saucepan
1. Pour water into a saucepan and put on fire.
2. Pour honey and vinegar into warm water, bring to a boil with constant stirring (so that the honey dissolves), turn off the heat after the marinade boils.
3. Arrange the pepper in liter jars, pour the marinade over the “shoulders” of the jars, cover with lids (do not twist).
4. Cover the bottom of a large wide saucepan with a towel, put jars of pepper salad, and pour hot water so that it covers the shoulders of the jars.
5. Sterilize jars of pepper salad for the winter for 25 minutes.

How to cook pepper salad in a multicooker
1. Place jars with pepper salad on the bottom of the multicooker, lined with a napkin.
2. Pour hot water over the “shoulders” of the cans.
3. Sterilize jars of lettuce on the “Steam” mode for 30 minutes.

Tasty Facts

– The cost of 1 liter of pepper salad in Moscow stores – from 500 rubles. If you prepare pepper for the winter during the season (from early July to early September) according to our recipe, you can save up to half the cost.

– To taste, when harvesting from pepper, you can add cloves, mustard and dill seeds, coriander, garlic.

– If you need to make a low-calorie salad for the winter, it is recommended to partially replace the vegetable oil with freshly squeezed tomato juice – then heat the salad for 10 minutes more (so that the water boils away and all the products are boiled for sure).