How much to cook eggplant for the winter?

The cooking time for eggplant salad for the winter is 40-45 minutes.

Harvesting eggplant salad for the winter

Eggplant – 3 kilograms
Carrots – 250 grams
Bulgarian pepper – 250 grams
Bulb onion – 250 grams
Chopped garlic – 125 grams
Basil – 1 bunch
Parsley – 1 bunch
Dill – 1 bunch
Sunflower oil – 0.5 liters
Boiling water – 5 tablespoons
Salt – 2 tablespoons
Acetic Essence 70% – 2 tablespoons

A quick way to make eggplant salad
1. Whole eggplant, washed and peeled, pricked with a fork in several places and boiled in a saucepan in salted water for 5 minutes. The water should completely cover the blue vegetables.
2. Boiled eggplant cut into cubes 1.5-2 centimeters in size.
3. Carrots and onions – 250 grams each – rinse, peel and chop. Carrots can be grated on a coarse grater.
4. Bulgarian pepper – 250 grams – rinse, free from the stalk with seeds and also chop.
5. Peel, wash, finely chop the garlic, in finished form it should be at least 125 grams (if you want to make the salad spicier, you can increase the amount of garlic to 200 grams).
6. Basil, dill and parsley, 1 bunch each, thoroughly rinse, dry and chop.
7. Place vegetables and herbs in an enameled pan.
8. Dissolve 2 tablespoons of salt in 5 tablespoons of boiled water, add 2 tablespoons of vinegar there and pour vegetables and herbs with the resulting liquid, mix thoroughly.
9. Then pour 0.5 liters of sunflower oil into the contents of the pan and mix again. Pack everything tightly, cover with a lid and send to the refrigerator.

Preparation for the winter

1. Immediately after cooking, it is necessary to tightly spread the eggplant salad into liter jars.
2. Distribute the juice remaining in the pan among the jars so that the jars are filled to the shoulders, and sterilize for 20 minutes.
3. Lower the jars with the contents into a saucepan with cold water and gauze or cotton cloth placed on the bottom.
4. Let the water boil and “cook” the jars for 20 minutes. Pre-sterilized lids (also boil in water, only 2 minutes) roll up the jars. Such a blank can stand in the refrigerator for a couple of months, becoming more and more juicy and rich in taste.
5. Roll up or close the lettuce jars with lids, also pre-sterilized, for 2 minutes.

Tasty Facts

– Harvesting eggplant for the winter will be completely ready after 3 days of storage.

– Eggplant salad is recommended to be served as an appetizer for hot meat dishes, mashed potatoes with sausages.

The longer the salad is in the refrigerator, the more it soaks and becomes tastier. The shelf life of an open can of lettuce is 1 week.

– Calorie content of eggplant salad – 361 kcal / 100 grams.

– Eggplant salad will be healthier and 2 times cheaper during the ripening season of eggplant and other vegetables – from late August to October.