How much to cook Kalya?

Kalya is boiled for an hour and a half. Ready kalia is recommended to be left to sweat for a quarter of an hour.

How to cook Kalya

, tail or fins of any oily fish (red is best) – 600 grams
Fish fillet – 200 grams
Pollack or pike roe – 400 grams
Parsley root – 1 piece
Onion – a couple of heads
Carrots – 1 piece
Cucumber pickle – 200 milliliters
Pickled cucumber – 1 piece
Potato – 2 tubers
Vegetable oil – 3 tablespoons
Fresh dill – 1 bunch
Bay leaf – 2-3 pieces
Salt – half a teaspoon
Black pepper – 3-4 peas

How to cook kalya
1. Wash the fish’s head, tail, fins, remove the gills to avoid bitterness in the soup, fill the fish set with water, put the pan on a hot burner, cover with a lid and wait for it to boil.
2. Wash the carrots and parsley root, peel, peel the onion, cut into large strips, put in the broth, leave on medium heat for half an hour.
3. Strain the broth, discard the fish parts and vegetables.
4. Add caviar to the soup without removing the film from it, salt, let it boil and strain again.
5. Cut the caviar into small pieces and set aside.
6. Pour the soup into a saucepan, put the fillet, divided into large cubes, wait for it to boil.
7. Chop the onion and fry in vegetable oil until golden brown, cut the potatoes into squares about 2 centimeters thick, put in the soup, leave on the stove until cooked.
8. Cut the cucumber into strips about 3 millimeters thick, 3 centimeters long, add to the pan with the brine, throw peppercorns and bay leaves, hold on the burner for another 5 minutes. Remove and discard bay leaves.
9. Wash and cut the dill.
10. Put chopped greens and caviar in plates with kalja.

Tasty Facts

– It is necessary to salt the kalya with care so that the soup, in which the pickled cucumber pickle is provided, is not oversalted in the end.

– Kalya – an old dish of Russian cuisine, fish or meat soup, cooked with the addition of cucumber pickle. Kalya is called the prototype of modern pickles.

— The first mention of calla was found in the sources of the 16th century, but in the professional literature the soup recipe appears at the end of the 18th century. Then Kalya was a festive treat. Most often it was made from oily fish and caviar was added. Such a recipe is commonly found today, which is why many call Kalya fish soup.

– Cucumber brine is best suited for kali, in some recipes it is mixed with kvass or replaced with cabbage.

– With the sour base of the soup, in addition to red fish, catfish and halibut go well.

— Unlike fish soup, calla is a thick soup, its broth is more spicy and dense in consistency.

– Serve Kalya deliciously with unleavened pies, you can use potatoes, cabbage, rice for the filling.