How much to cook kaltyk?

Kaltyk is boiled for khash or jelly for 5-6 hours along with other meat products.

How kaltyk is cooked

Processed kaltyk is used for cooking khash. To do this, it must be soaked along with the scars and part of the beef leg (popularly called “motor ski”) in salted cold water. Soaking time – 6 hours. Next, cook kaltyk with chopped motor ski and peeled whole onion, add chopped scars, cooked separately. Continue to cook until cooked, the total cooking time is 6 hours. Also, peeled kaltyk, along with other types of meat, is used for jelly, which is cooked in the traditional way for 5-6 hours.

What is prepared from Kaltyk?

Kaltyk is one of the types of meat by-products that are obtained during the slaughter of animals. This is a part of the trachea of ​​cattle (more often beef, less often pork), which is a cartilaginous tube consisting of rings. Unlike other offal, kaltyk is relatively rarely eaten for humans. However, the cartilage of which it is composed has high gelling properties and is therefore used for jelly . It is necessary to prepare an offal for cooking as follows: clean it of blood and mucus, remove the endocrine glands, rinse thoroughly. Kaltyk has a very low price, so it fits perfectly to reduce the cost of the diet.

Kaltyk to dogs

Kaltyk can be used as an additive-delicacy to the diet for natural nutrition for dogs. Despite a certain amount of meat trimmings, the nutritional value of kaltyk for animals is low. But it contains collagen and calcium, which are good for dogs, especially puppies from 6 months old. Soft cartilage tissue contributes to the development of chewing function. Some dogs do not like kaltyk, but for many it becomes a favorite treat. You can give raw kaltyk if the dog is already accustomed to such food. Before that, it should be prepared – freeze and then defrost, or boil for several minutes. In addition, veterinarians recommend cutting the cartilage tube lengthwise before giving the offal to the dog. If the animal has not received such food before, it is recommended to boil the prepared kaltyk.