How much to cook cottage cheese from milk?

The total cooking time for cottage cheese is about 24 hours. Of these, heating in a saucepan – 3-5 minutes.

How to cook cottage cheese

You will need – milk, black bread

1. For cottage cheese, it is better to use fresh village milk, but regular milk of any fat content is also suitable. It will take 3 liters of milk. Pour them into a jar and dip a crust of black bread there. Infuse milk to a state of yogurt for about 12 hours.
2. Pour the curdled milk into a thick-walled pan and heat to 70-80 degrees, stirring. Then cool the curd.
3. After cooling, fold the cottage cheese onto gauze, tie the edges of the gauze in a knot and hang it over the pan.
4. Wait until the serum has completely drained.

How to cook

Sour milk – 2 liters (enough for 300-330 grams of cottage cheese)
Colander, 2 pans large and small, gauze

How to cook
Sour milk pour into a small saucepan, put the saucepan in a saucepan with a large radius.
Pour water into a large saucepan, put on a small fire – the water temperature for heating sour milk should be about 70 degrees.
Bring the water to a warm state, but not boiling water, in this state, the future cottage cheese should languish for 1 hour. The whey should separate and a white dense mass will turn out.
Let the mixture cool slightly for 10 minutes.
Put the mass on cheesecloth folded in 3-4 layers, tie it in a knot and hang it on a kitchen tap – under its own weight, the cottage cheese will drain in 6-12 hours.
Rub the boiled cottage cheese through a sieve for toppings or cut into pieces for serving.

Tips for making homemade cottage cheese

1. Avoid overheating, and even more so, boiling of sour milk when cooking cottage cheese. Overheated cottage cheese will be very hard.
2. Keep in mind that from 3 liters of milk you will get about 600 grams of finished cottage cheese.

How to cook cottage cheese in a slow cooker?
In a slow cooker, cook the cottage cheese on the “heating” mode for 1 hour.

How to cook cottage cheese in a double boiler?
In a double boiler, cook cottage cheese for 20 minutes.

More tender cottage cheese is obtained from homemade milk, but even store-pasteurized is suitable.

So that sour milk is heated evenly, cut it into 4 parts in a saucepan.

There are quite a few options for hanging cottage cheese, but the most suitable are those that allow you to place a container for draining under the cottage cheese:
– On the window handle,
– on the handle of the drawer,
– on a colander above the pan.

If there is no sour milk, it is very easy to make it: open ordinary milk and put it on the battery for several hours or in the heat at room temperature for a day. It is very simple to recognize well-sour milk: a white mass will float on the surface, and a whitish liquid will form below.

In no case should you squeeze boiled cottage cheese from sour milk so that the cottage cheese does not become hard.