How much to cook compote from apples and raspberries?

Cook apple-raspberry compote for 25 minutes, of which 3 minutes of cooking.

apple and raspberry compote recipe

for 3 liters of compote
Apples – 4 pieces
Fresh raspberries – 1.5 cups
Water – 2 liters
Sugar – 1 cup

Food preparation
1. Put fresh raspberries in a colander, rinse under running water and shake in a colander to drain excess water.
2. Wash the apples and cut into large cubes or thin slices. The core of the apples must be cut out.

Preparing a drink
1. Pour apples and raspberries into a saucepan, pour two liters of water into the same place.
2. Add a glass of sugar to the pan and heat until the contents boil. Fire is medium.
3. Boil a drink from apples and raspberries for 3 minutes, while closing the pan with a lid, but leaving a small gap. Fire is small.
4. After stopping heating, leave the compote for 20 minutes under a tightly closed lid.

Harvesting compote from apples and raspberries for the winter
1. Place apples and raspberries in a three-liter jar.
2. Boil 2 liters of water with a glass of sugar dissolved in it in a saucepan.
3. Pour the syrup into the jar. Cover with a lid.
4. Sterilize a jar of compote for 7 minutes by placing it in a pot of boiling water. Fire is small.
Roll up a jar with a drink with a lid designed for cans of the type used – a twist or a regular one, under a seamer.
Remove compote for storage.

Tasty Facts

1. Compote of apples and raspberries perfectly quenches thirst on a hot summer day, especially if it is served chilled by throwing a couple of ice cubes into a glass.

2. A warm drink immediately after infusion is the perfect complement to a homemade dessert – a sweet fruit pie or a biscuit roll with jam.

3. The calorie content of apple-raspberry compote, cooked according to the above recipe, is approximately 45 kcal / 100 grams. If the compote is cooked without sugar, then its calorie content will be only 17 kcal / 100 grams.

4. It is interesting that in Russia sweet drinks were brewed mainly from dried fruits. According to legend, the custom of cooking compotes from fresh berries and fruits came from France relatively recently, in the 18th century.