How much to cook a cold (beetroot)?

Refrigerator cooking time – 1 hour. Net time spent in the kitchen – 30 minutes.

How to cook cold

Water – 3 liters
Beets – 3 small
Cucumbers – 3 pieces
Boiled sausage – 200 grams
Green onions – a small bunch
Dill – half a small bunch
Chicken eggs – 2 pieces per serving
Lemon – 1 piece (or vinegar 9% – 1 tablespoon)
Sour cream – 1 tablespoon per serving
Sugar – 1 teaspoon
Salt – to taste

Refrigerator recipe
1. Wash the beets, peel, pour cold water over them and cook under the lid over low heat for 50 minutes until soft.
2. Cool the boiled beets, strain the beetroot broth and cool.
3. Grate beets on a coarse grater and put in beetroot broth.
4. Salt the refrigerator, add sugar, salt and lemon juice (or vinegar).
5. Wash the cucumbers, cut off the ends and cut into strips.
6. Wash green onions and dill, dry and chop.
7. Cut the sausage into strips.
8. In a bowl, mix cucumbers, greens, pepper and salt.

Serve the cold in two bowls – one with beets and broth, the other with vegetable mixture. Put the boiled chicken eggs, cut into quarters, on a plate.
Beetroot broth with beets is poured into a personal plate for each of the participants in the feast, a vegetable mixture with sausage, eggs and sour cream are added to taste.
For a bite, you can serve young boiled potatoes .

Tasty Facts

– Why add citric acid or vinegar to the refrigerator? – So that the refrigerator acquires a rich beetroot color .

– The refrigerator can also be prepared on kefir – then beetroot broth is not used, kefir is used instead. If kefir is dense, you can dilute it with cold boiled water (or, again, beetroot broth).

– How to cook a refrigerator without boiling beets? – You can use pickled beets for this. You can also bake beets in the oven or microwave.

– The refrigerator is common in Latvia, Romania, Belarus, Ukraine, Poland and Lithuania.

– To taste in the refrigerator , you can add chopped radishes or cucumbers, chopped eggs, celery.

– You can store the refrigerator for 5-7 days, provided that vegetables are not added to the soup.