How long to steam carrots?

Steam carrots for 40 minutes , carrot slices for 20 minutes.

How to cook carrots in a double boiler

You will need – carrots, water

1. Peel the carrots or, if it is young, rub it with the hard side of the sponge, rinse with water.

2. Put the carrots on the steamer grate, check that there is water in the lower compartment.

3. Turn on the steamer, detect 40 minutes and wait for the end of cooking.

4. Check steam carrots for readiness by piercing through with a fork in the widest part of the vegetable. If the fork goes through easily, then the carrots are cooked.
5. Cool carrots slightly, peel and use in dishes.

Steamed carrots in a slow cooker

The principle is the same, only the vegetables are placed in a steaming container, and 5 minutes are added to the cooking time – this time is needed for the water to boil.

How to quickly boil carrots

If there is no time at all until the water boils, peel the carrots and cut into circles – carrot slices cook faster – only 20 minutes. You can also buy peeled carrots and even grated ones – this will cook even faster. You can also buy frozen carrots (mini or in circles) – they are already cooked, it remains only to heat them up.

For babies , boil carrots until completely boiled, and after peeling, it is recommended to puree.