How long to fry sugar

Fry sugar in a frying pan for 7-10 minutes.

How to fry sugar

Fine granulated sugar or powdered sugar – 200 grams
Purified water – 50 milliliters
Vegetable oil – 20 milliliters
Lemon – 1 slice

How to fry sugar
1. Wash the lemon, separate one slice and squeeze it into a container.
2. Pour 200 grams of sugar or icing sugar into a pan, level it. 3. Pour in 50 milliliters of water and lemon juice, put the pan on high heat.
4. Continuously stir the contents of the pan to prevent burning.
5. Fry sugar for 7 minutes over low heat until golden brown.
6. Remove the frying pan with the roasted sugar from the heat.
7. Lubricate the molds with 20 milliliters of vegetable oil, carefully pour syrup into them.
8. Dip the molds in cold water to set the syrup.
9. If there are no forms, then grease ordinary spoons with vegetable oil.
It is necessary to serve ready-made fried sugar after half an hour, when the fried sugar is completely cooled.

How to fry lollipops

Sugar or powdered sugar – 1 cup
Milk – 100 milliliters
Butter – 40 grams (about 1/5 of a standard pack)
Vanilla – depending on taste preferences

How to fry candy in a pan
1. Pour a glass of sugar or powdered sugar into a saucepan.
2. Add 100 milliliters of milk and put the container on a slow fire.
3. Stir the mass constantly until it acquires a light honey hue.
4. Fry sugar (powdered sugar) with milk for 10 minutes.
5. Remove the finished syrup from the heat, add vanilla.
6. You can leave the mixture for a while, but then reheat in the microwave before pouring into molds.
7. Grease lollipop molds with 40 grams of butter.
8. Pour syrup into molds.
9. Put the molds in a container with cold water for 5 minutes to harden.
Serve ready-made lollipops half an hour after preparation.

Tasty Facts

– Calorie content of caramel – 300 kcal / 100 grams.

– Fried sugar is familiar to everyone from childhood, so its use contributes to the growth of endorphins and satisfaction with life, promotes relaxation and stress relief. – Raspberry juice, strawberry, cherry or cranberry juice will give

red and pink coloring to lollipops. Chocolate coloring will give cocoa powder or melted chocolate. Lemon rind gives yellow color. Spinach juice will make green caramel. – Fruit syrups are popular

as flavorings for roasted sugar.

– Store roasted sugar in the refrigerator for 1 day.

– Average costsugar in Moscow for June 2016 – from 45 rubles / kilogram.

– A brown tint is a sign of burnt sugar , caramel from it will turn out less sweet.