How long to fry sesame

Fry sesame seeds in a frying pan for 3 minutes over medium heat of a medium burner, or over high heat of a small burner, constantly stirring with a wooden spatula.

How to roast sesame

1. Measure out 100 grams of sesame seeds. Pour the seeds into the pan, light the burner.
2. Stirring continuously with a wooden spatula, fry the sesame until golden brown.
3. As soon as the sesame has acquired an even light brown hue, remove the pan from the stove and pour the sesame seeds onto a flat plate to cool.

Tasty Facts

– For roasting sesame seeds, it is recommended to use a pan made of cast iron or with a non-stick Teflon coating. The pan must be clean and dry (no oil residue). When using a cast iron pan, it may take longer to fry because the heating process is slower than with a Teflon pan.

– The calorie content of sesame is 573 kcal/100 grams. Regular consumption of sesame seeds helps to strengthen bone tissue (calcium), lower cholesterol levels (antioxidants), preserve youth (vitamin E). – Roasted sesame is widely appliedin cooking: it is added to salads, sprinkled on bakery products, used to cook meat, poultry and fish. Sesame seeds are used in marinades and jams. – Store