How long to fry marshmallows

Grill the marshmallows for 5 minutes over medium coals.

How to fry marshmallows

Marshmallow products
for frying (large, at least 4-5 centimeters thick) – 10 pieces

How to fry marshmallows on a fire
1. Prepare skewers or wooden sticks (you can use ready-made barbecue sticks).
2. Sharpen one end of each stick – cut off the edge at an angle of 45 degrees with a sharp knife.
3. Put 1 marshmallow on each stick.
4. Fry the marshmallows on sticks over the coals (constantly turning) for 1 minute, constantly turning the marshmallows on different sides over the heat. It is important to prevent burning, and even more so, ignition of the product, therefore, when frying marshmallows, medium heat should be used.
Marshmallow is ready as soon as a bubbling caramel crust forms on the surface, and the product itself will increase in volume by about 2 times.

How to fry marshmallows over a gas stove
1. Thread marshmallows on a fork.
2. Turn on medium fire.
3. Hold the marshmallows over the fire until golden brown for 40-50 seconds.

Tasty Facts

– Marshmallow is a dense soufflé made of gelatin, sugar and flavorings. A favorite delicacy of Americans (reminiscent of marshmallows), which they fry during picnics in nature.

– Why fry marshmallows? A fried sugar crust, inside of which a viscous warm mass is a pleasure much more than just marshmallow.

– The average cost of 10 pieces of marshmallows with ready-made sticks in Moscow in June 2017 is 420 rubles, there are also marshmallows in a package of 150 grams – from 90 rubles.

– Calorie marshmallow – 330 kcal / 100 grams.

– To serve fried marshmallows in an original way, you can put it between the cookies, it will be especially tasty if the cookies are with chocolate.

– Marshmallow is not fried in the microwave or in a pan, because it melts instantly and, due to uneven heating, burns tightly to the bottom of the dish.