How long to fry ice cream

Fry ice cream for 30-40 seconds in a frying pan filled with oil.

How to fry ice cream

Ice cream – 500 grams
Coconut flakes – 3 tablespoons
Corn flakes (for breakfast) – 3 tablespoons
Chicken egg – 1 piece
Sunflower oil – 1 cup

How to fry ice cream
1. Hold ice cream in the freezer until completely hardened.
2. Pour coconut flakes into a deep bowl.
3. Grind corn flakes, pour into another deep bowl.
4. Beat the chicken egg in a third deep bowl.
5. Pour the oil into a deep small saucepan and place over medium heat.
6. Cut the ice cream into small identical cubes.
7. Roll each piece in coconut flakes, then in egg, in flakes, again in egg and flakes.
8. Dip the ice cream cubes into the oil one by one for 30-40 seconds to fry.
9. Remove the fried ice cream in the refrigerator for 15 minutes.
Serve with pleasure!

Fried ice cream

Ice cream – 500 grams
Raisins – 70 grams
Black chocolate – 70 grams
Flakes – 100 grams
Sugar syrup – 1/4 cup
Peeled walnuts (or, if chocolate with nuts, increase the amount of chocolate) – 100 grams
Vegetable oil – 100 milliliters

How to fry ice cream with chocolate filling
1. Sort the raisins, removing debris, soak for 10 minutes in cool water, and rinse thoroughly.
2. Crumble or grind corn flakes with a blender.
3. Put a bar of thawed ice cream on a board, cut into 10 equal parts.
4. Rub the chocolate on a fine grater.
5. Crumble each part, mix with raisins and chocolate, form a ball.
6. Roll each ball in corn crumbs and put on a plate.
7. Remove the balls in the freezer.
8. Heat the pan, pour in 100 milliliters of vegetable oil, fry for half a minute over medium heat without a lid.
9. Chop or chop walnuts with a blender.
10. When serving fried ice cream, pour syrup over balls and sprinkle with chopped walnuts. Additionally, you can decorate ice cream by watering it and a plate with melted chocolate.