How long to fry eggs on the grill

Fry Thai eggs on the grill for 10 minutes.

How to fry Thai eggs

Eggs – 6 pieces
Soy sauce – 50 milliliters
Green onions – 2 arrows
Ground black pepper – half a teaspoon
How to fry Thai eggs

How to fry Thai eggs on a stick
1. Wash the onion, cut into rings a few millimeters thick or grate.
2. Wash the eggs with soap and warm water, pierce holes 7-8 millimeters wide from two opposite sides with a bamboo stick, thick needle or knitting needle.
3. Pour the egg from the shell into the bowl through the hole, shaking it, or by blowing into one hole and directing the other into the bowl.
4. In a bowl, combine eggs with green onions, black pepper and soy sauce, beat lightly with a whisk or fork.
5. Using a funnel or pastry syringe, pour the egg mixture back into the shell through the holes.
6. Put the eggs on the steamer grate so that their contents do not leak out, keep the eggs for a couple of 10 minutes.
7. Put the eggs on skewers, threading them through the holes in the shell.
8. Put the skewers with eggs on the grill or on the grill and fry for 10 minutes.

Tasty Facts

– If you stick a raw egg on a skewer, it should be red-hot.┬áThis will keep the egg intact.

– It is recommended to plant raw eggs on a cold skewer in water.

– Thai eggs are a very common snack in Thailand, they are sold like pies in Russia.