How long to fry chicken

Fry the chicken fillet for 20 minutes over medium heat.
Fry chicken wings and legs for 25 minutes over medium heat.
Chicken thighs and breasts fry for 30 minutes over medium heat.
Fry chicken chops for 7 minutes on each side.

How to fry chicken in a pan

1. Defrost chicken pieces (thighs, breasts, legs, fillets), if they were frozen, make cuts about 1 cm deep in the chicken meat with a knife, fill the cuts with slices of peeled garlic.
2. Grate chicken pieces with a mixture of salt and pepper, put on a hot frying pan, poured with sunflower or olive oil.
3. Fry the chicken on each side for 10 minutes over medium heat without a lid. If you like meat with blood, this is enough – you can serve the dish to the table.

4. To fully fry the chicken, you can add 3 tablespoons of water and cover the pan with a lid, fry for 5 minutes on each side.

The readiness of the chicken can be checked by piercing with a knife to the bone – if blood is released, then the meat is not yet cooked.

AtCare must be taken when turning the chicken as the chicken may shoot out the fat. To secure the process of turning over, you need to remove the pan from the heat, wait 7-10 seconds, and then, holding the lid over the pan, carefully turn the chicken pieces over. Turn over and mix small pieces of chicken with a spatula. It is more convenient to turn large pieces of chicken (legs, legs, breasts, fillets) with a spatula, helping with a fork with the other hand (so as not to touch the pan).

To quickly frychicken, toss the chicken into a heated skillet with oil immediately after washing and drying the chicken – you can add salt and pepper on the go. So, when the chicken is just laid out in the pan, you should salt and pepper it on one side, and after turning it on the other. This must be done carefully, without pouring salt directly into the pan, and over the entire area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe chicken. It is more convenient to salt the chicken in this way with pinch hands or from the tip of a knife.

How to fry chicken with a crust

In order to fry chicken with a crust in a pan, it is enough to roll it in such a mixture of seasonings for chicken: salt, paprika, garlic, pepper, marjoram, rosemary, or use the “chicken seasoning” or “Italian seasoning” sold in the store.

To brown the skin of the chicken(chicken legs, breasts and wings), first you need to fry the chicken over high heat. In the kitchen, while frying the skin, the oil boils, it can splash and shoot, including on the floor. To protect the kitchen from greasy splashes, you can cover the pan with a special grid for the pan – it will contain splashes, while not interfering with the evaporation of the liquid. If such a grid is not available, you can partially protect the kitchen from splashes by covering the pan halfway with a lid and placing the other half on the stove (however, note that with this method of browning the crust will be soft, as moisture will return to the pan).

Choose the right chicken pan– it should be thick enough (pancake is definitely not suitable – the chicken will burn on it) and large enough to fit all the pieces tightly. In a frying pan that is too large, the oil will splatter and at the same time the chicken will not have enough of it, and in a frying pan that is too small, the chicken will fry for a very long time and the crust will not turn out.

For example, a suitable number of chicken legs for a pan with a bottom diameter of 22 centimeters is 8-9 medium chicken legs and 11-13 chicken legs.

How to fry chicken fillet
Chicken fillet (breasts) can be cooked in a pan by cutting the chicken breasts in half lengthwise, beating them, and marinating them for 2-3 hours in a mixture of curry, water, salt and black pepper (for 1 breast – a teaspoon of curry, half a teaspoon of salt and edge of a knife – pepper). Fry with oil in a pan for 3 minutes on each side.