How long to cook tomatoes?

Boil the tomatoes until tender
– in a saucepan in boiling water whole – 5 minutes.
– in a double boiler as a whole, making a couple of punctures – 5 minutes.
– in the microwave, cut into 4 slices – 3 minutes at a power of 600 watts.

Cooking time for tomatoes in dishes
– for borscht 15 minutes .
– the pasta will take 45 minutes of cooking (for 1 kilogram of tomatoes).
– for juice 10 minutes after boiling.

Tomatoes in soup

You will need – products for soup, tomatoes

Tomatoes are most often boiled in soup, with option 2: either the tomatoes were fried in oil before adding to the soup, or not. In the first case, the tomatoes are already ready and it takes only 2-3 minutes for the tomato to lightly mix with the rest of the soup ingredients. In the second case, the tomatoes must be cooked until completely softened: 5-7 minutes. If you do not finish cooking the tomatoes in the soup, the soup will turn sour in a day.

Tomatoes for juice

Cut the tomatoes crosswise along the stalk, pour over with boiling water, so that later it is easier to remove the skin, because. it’s not good for juice. And chop the pulp (if the tomato seeds are large and hard, it is also better to remove them, leaving only the pulp), put in a saucepan and cook with salt for about 10 minutes over low heat.

tomato sauce

It’s easy to prepare a light sauce for meat or fish for a couple of days in advance – just chop and boil the tomatoes in your own juice, after removing the peel or leaving it at your discretion. Tomatoes are boiled in a sauce with the addition of herbs, spices and seasonings. You should be guided in the cooking time by the appearance of the sauce: the sauce should be of a creamy consistency. Therefore, if the tomatoes are very juicy, there is more moisture in them and the sauce needs to be boiled out of them longer. Boil the tomatoes for the sauce over low heat without a lid, stirring with a wooden spatula. If you add oil and spices, you get fragrant tomato sauce , and with bell pepper and sugar, you can cook Ankle bens sauce .

Just boiled tomatoes

Tomatoes are edible raw. Tomatoes are boiled for consumption, as a rule, for illnesses, after cooking they become easier for the digestive tract – in other words, they are easier to digest. In such cases, as a rule, raw vegetables and fruits are banned altogether, so boiled tomatoes become a real salvation.