How long to cook sea scallop?

If the scallops are fresh, then they do not require cooking at all. Frozen scallops should be thawed before cooking. If there is a shell, then separate the white part – this is scallop meat suitable for food. Boil water, add scallops, and cook for 1 minute. If you want to fry the scallops, then you do not need to cook them before frying.

How to cook sea scallops

1. Rinse the scallops under cold water.
2. Open the shell, rinse from the inside without separating it from the shell so that the body of the scallop does not fall apart.
3. When all the shells are cleaned, separate the meat from the mucous part – the mantle, and from the leg of the meat attachment to the shell. Only white dense meat is edible.
4. Pour water into the pan, add salt and boil.
5. Put the scallops in the pan and cook for 1 minute.

How to cook sea scallops in a creamy sauce

Scallops – half a kilo
Onion – 1 head
Cream 35% fat – 1/2 cup
Olive oil – 10 grams
Flour – 1/2 tablespoon
Salt, ground black pepper – to taste

How to cook sea scallops in a creamy sauce
1. Peel the onion and chop finely. Pour 10 grams of oil into a thick-walled pan and fry the onion in it.
2. Rinse half a kilogram of thawed scallops, cut in half, put onions and fry on both sides for just one minute.
3. Fold the hot scallops into a deep plate, and cook the sauce on the gravy that has remained in the pan.
4. To prepare the sauce, add half a tablespoon of flour and stir quickly so that lumps do not form. wait for it to boil and pour half a glass of 35% cream.
5. Drain the sauce from the pan and strain through a sieve.
6. Place the scallops back in the pot and pour over the sauce.
7. Cover the pan with scallops and simmer for a few minutes over low heat.

Tasty Facts

As it is
– Scallop has a delicate sweetish taste that vaguely resembles the taste of crabs. Freshly caught seafood can be eaten raw, but it is still recommended to boil it brought from the store. Once cleaned, the sink can be rinsed and used as a serving plate for scallops.

– If you are preparing a compound hot dish with scallops, add seafood 2-3 minutes before the end of cooking.

How to choose
Tap on the sink: if it closes, then the mollusk is still alive. When choosing scallops, give preference to shells with pinkish meat – a pure white color will indicate that the seafood may have been soaked.
If the scallops are peeled and frozen, monitor the quality of the glaze: there should be little of it, but it should completely cover the seafood.

How to store
– Frozen scallops are stored in the freezer for 3 months, fresh to use on the day of purchase. Boiled scallops are best eaten immediately, but if the dish is left, then it should not be heated – the taste and softness of the meat will be lost. Sometimes scallops are sold in buckets in a special solution – they are stored in a closed bucket for up to a week.

Scallop Math
– Calorie scallops are 88 kilocalories, while they have a high protein content of 17.5 grams. It is considered a dietary delicacy.

— The average cost of a kilogram of scallops in shells is 2,400 rubles, the price of frozen scallop meat is from 2,000 rubles / 1 kilogram (on average in Moscow as of June 2017).

– The weight of one peeled scallop is 50-100 grams.