How long to cook rice with broth?

Cook rice with broth for 20 minutes .

Rice with broth

Long grain rice – 1 cup Medium
chicken broth – 2 cups
Butter – 1 tablespoon
Salt – 1 teaspoon

Food preparation
1. Rinse a glass of rice and place in a sieve. Make sure the water is completely glass.
2. Put the pan on medium heat, add a tablespoon of butter.
3. Add rice to the heated oil. Fry, stirring constantly, 3 minutes. Make sure the rice is evenly saturated with oil.

Cooking in a saucepan
1. Put the fried rice in a saucepan, pour in 2 cups of chicken broth, add 1 teaspoon of salt.
2. Cover the pan with a lid and cook for 15 minutes over very low heat.

How to cook rice with broth in a multicooker
1. Put rice fried in butter in a multicooker bowl, add 2 cups of broth. 2. Cook in the “Buckwheat” mode for 20 minutes. To make the rice crumbly, it does not need to be stirred during the cooking process.
3. Loosen the rice with a fork after cooking.
4. For cooking, you can use chicken, meat or vegetable broth.

Tasty Facts

What broth to take for cooking rice
The best broth for cooking rice – medium fat, chicken or pork. Beef broth is more dietary, and although rice will pleasantly set off the meaty taste, it will almost be lost in it.

How to adjust the fat content
If the broth is too concentrated, you can dilute it with a little water to cook rice in it. And if it’s too light, add butter.

Rice with broth – a side dish or soup
Rice cooked in broth is an excellent side dish, you can additionally add stewed or fried vegetables to it. But if you deviate from the standard 1: 2 proportions and pour in more broth, add soup frying, chopped potatoes, tomatoes and greens, you get a light and very nutritious soup.

What kind of rice to take for cooking with broth
If rice is cooked as a side dish, then take medium grain – it will absorb the taste of the broth, but remain crumbly. And for soup, choose round-grain rice – it will boil and be organic in the soup.