How long to cook raspberry jam?

How to make raspberry jam

Products Raspberries – 2 kilograms Sugar – 2.5 kilograms Citric acid – 20 grams (or juice of 2 lemons) Gelatin – 7-8 grams Water – half a glass How to cook raspberry jam 1. Sort the raspberries, put them in an enamel pan. 2. Pour water into the raspberries, put the pan on a quiet fire. 3. After boiling, cook raspberries for 20 minutes, removing the resulting foam. 4. Get rid of the seeds: pass the raspberries through a sieve or squeeze through cheesecloth. 5. Return the raspberry mixture to the pan, mix with 2.5 kilograms of sugar and put on fire. 6. Pour gelatin with a small amount of warm water and mix. 7. Add gelatin to the boiled raspberries, add sugar, lemon and mix the jam. 8. Boil the raspberry jam for another 3 minutes. 9. Arrange the finished jam in sterilized jars and tighten the lids.Raspberry jam in a bread machine 1. Sort the raspberries, pour into a bowl, cover with sugar and leave for 5 hours. 2. Put the jam into the capacity of the bread machine, set to the “Jam” mode, and press “Start”. 3. After cooking, pour the jam into sterilized jars.

Tasty Facts

– To cook pitted raspberry jam, after 10 minutes of cooking without sugar, after slightly cooling the jam, rub the raspberries through a fine sieve or gauze. After that, put the berry puree in a saucepan, add sugar, and boil the jam until it thickens. To check the density of the jam, you should drop it on a saucer and, after waiting for it to cool, tilt the saucer steeply. If the jam does not spread, then it has thickened. – Since raspberries do not contain natural gelling components, it is recommended to add thickeners during cooking, for example, gelfix. – When boiling raspberry jam, you can leave the seeds in the raspberries, but then the raspberry jam will have a coarser consistency. – To cook raspberry jam without gelatin, you need to boil the jam without adding water: first pour the berries with sugar, leave for 5-6 hours (covered with a towel) at room temperature, and cook jam in berry juice. – It is recommended to store raspberry jam in small jars, because. for some time after opening a large jar, the jam may begin to dry out. – Store raspberry jam in a cool place, with a temperature not lower than -5 degrees. – To maintain the stickiness of the jam, you should only mix the jam gently, without shaking or whipping it while stirring.