How long to cook quail eggs?

In order to boil quail eggs, you need to place them in a pot of hot or cold water, and cook after boiling for 5 minutes . To boil soft-boiled quail eggs, remove the pan from the heat earlier, after 1 – 2 minutes of cooking.

How to boil quail eggs

  • Put the quail eggs in a saucepan and pour hot or cold water over it so that it covers the quail eggs with a small margin.
    How long to cook quail eggs?
  • Put the pan with quail eggs on the fire, cook hard for 5 minutes after boiling, soft-boiled 1-2.
    How long to cook quail eggs?
  • Drain the boiling water from the pan with quail eggs, pour cold water into the pan so that the eggs cool faster.
    How long to cook quail eggs?
  • After a minute, drain the cold water and peel the quail eggs.
    How long to cook quail eggs?

Your quail eggs are ready!

Tasty Facts

In what water to boil quail eggs
Quail eggs are placed in any water during cooking: due to their small size, quail eggs will not crack even if they are poured with boiling water. Boiling time is counted from the beginning of boiling water, so the water temperature only affects the waiting time for boiling. For even cooking, the water should completely cover the eggs.

How to quickly peel boiled quail eggs
Since quail eggs are very fragile even when cooked, you need to clean them carefully. Put the eggs in a jar, fill with water and shake vigorously for a couple of seconds. Then the shell will crack, and it can be removed without fear of damaging the eggs.

If you need to peel a lot of eggs, you can soak them in 9% vinegar for 20 minutes – vinegar helps dissolve the shell. After 20 minutes, it remains only to remove the film.

To break a raw quail egg, you need to carefully pierce it with a knife from above, at the sharp part of the quail egg, cut off the top of the shell and pour the contents into a bowl.

Is it possible to cook in the microwave
It is possible, but not recommended due to the likelihood of an explosion of quail eggs. Remember that eggs do not heat up evenly in the microwave, and although they are small in size and have a dense shell, there is still a risk of an explosion.
How to cook: select eggs of 1 size and not cracked, pour boiling water. Make sure not a single egg floats to the surface. Put in the microwave and cook for 3 minutes at medium (400-500 W) power.

Is it possible to eat raw
Quail eggs can be eaten raw, even more – they are much more useful when raw. However, only eggs that are not infected with salmonellosis can be eaten raw. If in doubt – boil them at least soft-boiled .

The benefits of quail eggs
Quail eggs become triple tastier if you know their beneficial properties: quail eggs treat anemia, are useful for severe headaches, sensitivity to acute respiratory infections, chronic amnesia, ulcers and gastritis. It is believed that quail eggs are useful for the development of mental abilities, so their presence in the diet is desirable during the preparation for exams. Quail eggs are especially beneficial for pregnant women. Regular consumption of quail eggs normalizes hemoglobin and calcium in the body. Crushed shells can be added to dishes at half a teaspoon per day, since shells are an excellent source of vitamins. The shell is especially useful for children from 1 year old, because. a growing body needs calcium, which is so rich in the shell.

Quail and Chicken Eggs
Quail eggs are especially beneficial for children as there is less chance of allergies than eating boiled chicken eggs. They contain 5 times more potassium, 4.5 times more iron, 2.5 times more vitamins B1 and B2. Quail eggs are stored less chicken. In almost any recipe, chicken eggs can be replaced with quail eggs. In holiday salads, boiled quail eggs are used because of their miniature size and milder taste.

How much does a quail egg weigh A quail
egg weighs 10-15 grams. In order to prepare breakfast from them, you need a dozen per serving.

How to store quail eggs.
The shelf life of quail eggs is 40 days at a temperature of 0 to 20 degrees; 60 days at temperatures from 0 to 15 degrees. Relative humidity in this case should be 75-85%, so it is better to store quail eggs in the refrigerator. Store boiled eggs for 2 days.

Is it possible to paint quail eggs for Easter
Yes – and it turns out very beautifully .