How long to boil an ostrich egg?

How to boil an ostrich egg

Dip the ostrich egg in cold water, bring the water to a boil and cook: 45 minutes for soft-boiled eggs, and from one to an hour and a half for hard-boiled ostrich eggs.
To speed up the process of cooking an egg, you can drill two holes in it, mix the contents of the egg through them (you can use a knitting needle) and pour into a bowl (or into a frying pan).

Tasty Facts

An ostrich egg weighing 1600 grams contains:
About 1000 grams of protein;
320 grams of yolk.

The content of fat and cholesterol in the ostrich egg is much lower than in poultry eggs, which indicates its high dietary properties.

More about ostrich eggs

Ostrich eggs can float when cooked – this is due to the presence of a cavity inside the egg, it’s okay.
To boil an ostrich egg, you will need at least a 5-liter saucepan.
From one ostrich egg you can cook scrambled eggs for 10 people.
The cost of an ostrich egg is from 1000 rubles/egg. Given the high cost and taste of an ostrich egg, which is not really that different from a chicken egg, it is easier, faster and cheaper to use chicken eggs.
Ostrich eggs are the largest eggs in the world.
Ostrich eggs reach a diameter of 20 centimeters.
The weight of ostrich eggs is from 1.5 to 2 kg.
It becomes fashionable to paint ostrich eggs for Easter .
The shelf life of a raw opened ostrich egg (if you want to cook an ostrich egg incompletely) is 2-3 days.