How long to cook pumpkin jam with lemon?

It takes 1.5 hours to cook pumpkin jam with lemon.

Pumpkin jam with lemon

For 1 liter of jam
Pumpkin – 1 kilogram
Orange – 1 piece
Lemon – 1 piece
Sugar – 800 grams

Preparation of products
1. Wash and dry 1 kilogram of pumpkin.
2. Peel the pumpkin from the skin and seeds, if any.
3. Wash 1 lemon and 1 orange.
4. Cut fruit into cubes of 1 centimeter. In this case, the orange and lemon must be cut with the peel.

How to cook pumpkin jam with lemon
1. Pour fruit cubes into a saucepan and cover them with 800 grams of sugar.
2. Stir the mixture and leave until the juice appears for about 10 hours.
3. After the pumpkin, orange and lemon start up the juice, put the pan on the stove over medium heat, waiting for the moment of boiling.
4. Reduce the heat and cook the jam for 10 minutes, while stirring it.
5. Pour the jam into jars and roll up.

Tasty Facts

– To make pumpkin jam, it is important to choose ripe, but not overripe, pumpkin fruits, since overripe fruits contain fewer vitamins and the fruit loses its bright taste.

– You can add lingonberries, pieces of tangerines, grapefruit to pumpkin-lemon jam.

– Calorie content of pumpkin jam with lemon 185 – kcal / 100 grams.