How long to cook pork lung?

How to cook pork lung

1. Wash the lung, squeezing out the remaining blood, put it on a board, cut off the fleshy pieces from the trachea.
2. Cut the lung into portioned cubes of 3×3 centimeters, getting rid of unnecessary films, veins, and the remaining parts of the trachea in the process.
3. Soak for a couple of hours in salted water for 4-6 hours, you can put it in the refrigerator overnight.
4. Cook in a large saucepan with plenty of water, as the lungs tend to swell during cooking. When pouring water, leave at least 3 centimeters to the top of the pan in case of filling with foam during cooking.
5. After the first boiling, completely drain the liquid and refill the lung with fresh water (this way, unnecessary odors are removed).
6. After the next boil, put onion (1 piece) and salt (at the rate of 1 tablespoon per 2-3 liters of water) into the liquid, cover with a lid and make the fire so that the water only boils slightly.
7. Next, cook the pork lung for the prescribed amount of time.

How to cook a pork lung in a slow cooker
1. Take no more than 1.5 kilograms of lung per 5 liter bowl so that the swelling of the lung does not lead to water pouring out.
2. Close the lid, set the timer to the “extinguishing” mode for the set time.

Tasty Facts

– Lung is used in salads and as a filling in pastries, or stewed with other offal or vegetables. Boiled lung has practically no independent bright taste, but after cooking it can be fried with vegetables until golden brown.

– To prepare a delicious dish, you need to choose the lungs of young animals. They are small in size, bright red in color on the cut, holistic structure, without damage and pungent odor.

– In order to avoid the accumulation in the body of metals contained in pig lungs, they should not be eaten more than twice a week.

– If, after cooking, the lung is left for an hour in the broth, then it will become even softer.