How long to cook paneer shak?

Cook paneer shak for 20 minutes.

How to cook paneer shak

Spinach leaves (can be frozen) – 400 grams
Sour cream – 3 tablespoons
Paneer (can be replaced with Adyghe cheese) – 200 grams
Melted butter or ghee – 1 tablespoon
Sugar – half a teaspoon
Coriander – 2 teaspoons
Ground red pepper – a pinch of
Turmeric – half a teaspoon
Asafoetida – a pinch, it can be replaced with 1 head of onion
Garam masala – half a teaspoon
Water – half a glass
Salt – half a teaspoon

How to cook paneer shak
1. Rinse spinach leaves in cool water, dry, cut into strips 3 centimeters long, 1 centimeter wide. If the spinach is frozen, thaw it first.
2. Put the oil in a saucepan, place it on the burner, melt it to a liquid state over low heat.
3. In a saucepan with oil, fry spices for 20 seconds: coriander, red pepper, turmeric, asafoetida (or chopped onion), garam masala.
4. Add chopped spinach to the fried spices, keep for 10 minutes over medium heat, the spinach should soften.
5. Cut the paneer into squares about two centimeters thick.
6. Put sour cream, cheese, sugar, water, salt to the spinach, stir so that the cheese does not crush, cook for 5 minutes over low heat.

Tasty Facts

– For panir shaka, they use homemade Indian cheese paneer or Adyghe cheese, which does not crumble.

– Cheese for paneer shaka is traditionally cut into large cubes or long sticks a centimeter wide.

– Paneer shak is served with rice on a separate plate, and wheat cakes.

Asafoetida is a spice common in India, often used in vegetarian dishes. This is the dried resin of the roots of the herbaceous plant of the same name, which looks like a large fennel. Asafoetida has a strong odor, but in small amounts improves the taste of many dishes. Because of the pungent smell, asafoetida is called “stinky resin”, “bad spirit”, “asmargok”, “damn feces”, “ilan”, “hing”. You can replace asafoetida in our recipe with 1 head of fried onion; 3 garlic cloves mixed with white pepper; mixtures of ginger, black mustard, cardamom, rock salt and chili – just 1 pinch each.

– Garam masala – a mixture of spices, which includes cloves, black and white peppers, nutmeg leaves, cinnamon, balabar leaves, cumin, nutmeg, black, green and brown cardamom pods, coriander and star anise.