How long to cook oysters?

Traditionally, oysters are eaten raw and preferably very fresh. Before serving, the oysters are sorted out, leaving only open shells, washed and served with butter and cheese. But it is also allowed to boil oysters – bring salted water with spices to a boil, put thawed or fresh oysters, cook for a maximum of 1 minute.

Tasty Facts

How to eat oysters
Oysters are the most unusual and controversial seafood in terms of taste. To a person who has never dealt with them before, they will most likely seem insipid and tasteless, so it is best to add products to them that enhance the main taste. These enhancers include butter, soy sauce, and tomatoes. For example, you can add to them a sauce of white or onion fried in butter with cream. For a more “Asian” serving, you can put two gravy boats with oysters: one with soy sauce, and the other with a tightly mixed ball of wasabi – it is wasabi that reveals the very oyster taste well.

To make the sauce tastier, add a little oyster sauce and Japanese vinegar to the soy. Garnish the dish with lime and chopped green onion feathers, put some chuka salad from the sushi market inside the shells. From chuka, you can form a neat pillow, on top of which lay shells to your taste.

Cooking oysters costs exactly as much as you plan to eat at one time. Never cook them for future use, because a product that is usually eaten raw will not bring you gastronomic pleasure the next day.

How to Serve Oysters
Oysters are opened and served on a wide dish covered with crushed ice.

How to choose oysters
1. The life of oysters in unnatural conditions is no more than a month. Pay attention to the date of the catch.
2. Ajar sinks are a bad sign, you shouldn’t buy them.
3. Calculate servings – no more than 12 pieces per person.

What is the price of oysters?
The price of live oysters is from 900 rubles/kg (on average in Moscow as of June 2020).

Baked oysters

Oysters — 12 pcs.
Grated cheese (Parmesan) – 2 tablespoons
Butter – a small cube of 2×2 centimeters
Salt and dill – to taste.

Cooking oysters
Open the oyster shells, put the oysters on a deep door, salt each, put on each cheese, pour melted butter, put in a baking dish, put in a preheated oven to 180 degrees, and bake for 7 minutes. Serve garnished with dill sprigs.