How long to cook octopus?

Cook frozen small octopuses for 5 minutes – put frozen octopuses in salted boiling water, wait for it to boil and after the octopuses are cooked (in 5 minutes), cool slightly in a colander and immediately serve in salads or start a compound dish.
In order to cook a medium-sized fresh octopus (2-3 kg), you need 20 – 25 minutes on a quiet fire under the lid.
Boil large octopuses for 1 hour.

How to cook frozen octopus

Put the water on a strong fire, add salt and spices, you can pour in a little oil. There should be enough water to just cover the octopuses.

While the water is boiling, open the octopuses and inspect: if they are all the same size and clean, then you can cook directly without defrosting. And if with impurities, it is better to defrost and rinse.

When the water boils, pour the octopuses into the water, wait for the water to boil and cook for 5 minutes.

How to cook fresh octopus

1. Before cooking, octopuses should be cleaned – remove the contents of the head, eyes and “beak”, and then rinse under running water.

2. Octopuses should be cooked in a saucepan over medium heat with a lid on.

3. Octopuses can be boiled in their own juice – to boil octopuses in this way, you should gradually add water only if necessary.

4. Large octopuses are beaten off before cooking.

5. Salt the octopuses at the end of cooking.

How to cook octopus with beans

Octopus – 2 kilograms
Dry beans – 1 cup
Onions – 5 onions
Carrots – 3 medium-sized pieces
Garlic – 5 cloves
Ghee – 2 tablespoons
Olive oil – 7 tablespoons
Water for soaking beans – 3 cups
Water for boiling octopus – 2.5 liters
Water for cooking beans – 4 cups
Water for stewing dishes – 100 grams
Salt and pepper – to taste
Parsley – 1 bunch

1. Pour the beans into a bowl, pour warm boiled water and leave for 6 hours at room temperature.
2. Clean and wash fresh octopus; frozen thaw, clean and wash.
3. Pour 2.5 liters of water into a saucepan, boil it and put the peeled octopus fillet into the boiling water.
4. Boil the octopus for 20 minutes over low heat with one peeled onion and one tablespoon of olive oil, no salt, with the lid covered.
5. Remove the soaked beans from the bowl, put them in a saucepan and boil them in unsalted water for 50 minutes, then drain the water so that the beans do not swell.
6. Remove the cooked octopus and cut into small slices.
7. Peel and finely chop 4 onions and separately – 5 cloves of garlic.
8. Remove the skin from the carrots and cut into slices.
9. Rinse, dry and finely chop the greens.
10. Peel and finely chop the garlic.
11. Peel and cut the onion into rings.
12. Put 2 tablespoons of lard into a medium-sized saucepan, melt it, add 6 tablespoons of olive oil.
13. Put the garlic in the pan and simmer for 3 minutes.
14. Add onions, carrots, salt, pepper and simmer until onions are golden brown.
15. Add chopped octopus and cooked beans.
16. Add 100 milliliters of water, salt and pepper.
17. Stew octopus with beans over low heat for 15 minutes.
Remove two tablespoons of the beans from the cooking dish, mash them with a fork and put them back. Stir and simmer for 7 minutes to thicken the mass. Serve ready-made octopuses with beans in a deep bowl, sprinkled with chopped parsley on top.

Salad with boiled octopus

Octopus – 200 grams
Lettuce – 150 grams
Chicken fillet – 150 grams
Carrots – 1 medium carrot
Celery – 100 grams
Green onions – 30 grams
Olive oil, black pepper, bay leaf, garlic – to taste.

Add black pepper, bay leaf, garlic, octopus to a pot of boiling salted water. Boil the octopus, cut. Boil the chicken fillet with carrots
in another pan , chop the chicken. Wash lettuce, dry, put on a dish. Cut green onions. Cut celery, mix with octopus and chicken, season with olive oil, salt.