How long to cook mussels?

Boiled-frozen mussels are cooked for 2-3 minutes after boiling water.
Frozen mussels are boiled for 5-7 minutes .
Boil fresh mussels in shells for 12 minutes . In the microwave at full power, boiled-frozen mussels can be cooked with a small amount of water (half a glass of water per pound of mussels) for 7 minutes at a power of 800 watts.

Recipe for boiled mussels

Frozen mussels – 300 grams
Water – 1 cup
Salt – 1 teaspoon

How to cook mussels
1. Pour 1 cup of water into a small saucepan.

2. Salt the water.

3. Put mussels in water without defrosting; cook 7 minutes.
4. Drain the water, use boiled mussels in salads and second courses.

How to cook mussels in gadgets

In a double boiler over steam – 10 minutes, mussels cooked this way are the most useful.
In a slow cooker or in an open pressure cooker – 5 minutes after boiling water.
In the microwave , it is better to cook mussels, slightly defrosting – literally 2-3 minutes at full power without adding water.

Tasty Facts

– When boiling mussels, it must be taken into account that overcooked mussels will become rubbery and tasteless. Therefore, mussels should not be cooked for too long.

– Calorie content of mussel meat – 70 kcal / 100 grams.

– The cost of frozen mussels is 500-600 rubles / 1 kilogram of boiled-frozen mussels (as of May 2016).

– Mussels are boiled in a small amount of salted water – otherwise all the mussel juice will go into the broth, which is rarely used in practice.

– Mussels do not defrost before cooking , because. their size is too small for boiling frozen mussels to spoil the product – mussels will instantly be defrosted in boiling water!

– When choosing mussels , pay attention to the weight of mussels without ice glaze (always indicated on the package and can reach up to 1/5 of the weight of mussel meat) and the integrity of the ice glaze. Fresh high quality mussels do not have a strong smell, and even more so the smell of fish. There should be only a light fresh smell of seafood.

– How to clean mussels?
Boiled-frozen (the most common) mussels do not need to be processed, because. they are without armor. Sometimes mussels need to be cleaned of algae – filamentous hard plants. If the mussels are cheap, it is better to sort out the mussels and inspect for shell fragments.
Frozen and fresh, shell-covered mussels need to be cleaned: use a brush to clean the mussels from inedible algae and other contaminants, then rinse in several waters. Cooking will help the mussels open, after opening the shells, remove the mussels and remove the rest of the algae.

– If the mussels are supposed to be fried , then you can fry them without boiling – in oil for 5-7 minutes.

– When cooking, mussels may not open – in this case, they are removed from the edible.

– What to cook from boiled mussels:

1. Cook soup .
2. Serve with spaghetti or other pasta.
3. Make pilaf with mussels .
4. Make a salad or appetizer ” sea cocktail “.