How long to cook mini sausages?

How to cook mini sausages

1. Pour water into the pan, and while it is heating, peel the sausages from the plastic film.

2. Put the peeled sausages into boiled water.

3. Cook for 2 minutes.

Tasty Facts

Mini sausages are the same regular sausages , only shortened specially for the convenience of eating by children. In addition, the tips of sausages are tastier, so mini sausages, which contain a maximum of tips, are often preferred by adults.

To correctly determine the cooking time, take a look at the packaging – it is often written on it whether the product is boiled. If yes, then it is enough to heat up mini-sausages together with a side dish or separately in a saucepan, frying pan or microwave as desired. In the markets, mini-sausages are sold loose without any packaging – in general, if you do not bother to clarify the processing method with the seller in advance, mini-sausages should be boiled.

When choosing mini sausages, follow a simple logic: there should be meat in the composition, there should not be very many additives, and sausages should be stored for as long as you plan to eat them, and the calorie content should be quite high. Pay special attention to the shelf life after opening. It is better to remember the brand of sausages you like, because products from different manufacturers, although made on the basis of similar rules, can vary greatly in taste.