How long to cook lingonberry jam?

Cook lingonberry jam for 40 minutes .

How to cook lingonberry jam

Proportions of jam
Lingonberry – 1 kilogram
Sugar – 1 kilogram
Water – 1 cup (300 milliliters)

How to cook lingonberry jam
Select ripe dense lingonberries for jam, clean from garden debris, wash and put in a bowl. Pour lingonberries with boiling water, hold under the lid for 5 minutes. Then pour boiling water into a saucepan, put on fire, add sugar and cook after boiling for 10 minutes. Pour lingonberries into the syrup, cook after boiling for 30 minutes. Pour hot jam into fresh sterilized jars, tighten the lids, cool and put away for storage.

Cowberry jam with apples

Lingonberries – 1 kilogram
Water – 250 milliliters
Apples – 250 grams
Sugar – 250 grams
Cinnamon – 1 stick

How to make cranberry jam with apples
1. Pour sugar into a deep metal container for cooking jam, pour water, mix.
2. Place the container over moderate heat, melt the sugar to a thick syrup. 3. Carefully wash lingonberries so that the berries do not wrinkle.
4. Put the lingonberries in a container with syrup, mix, wait for the boil.
5. Remove the container with lingonberry jam from the heat so that the boil stops.
6. When the boiling stops, place the container with jam on moderate heat, bring the jam to a boil again.
7. Wash apples, wipe with paper towels.
8. Cut each apple in half, remove the core.
9. Cut apples into slices of medium size and arbitrary shape.
10. Put the apple slices in lingonberry jam, mix, hold over low heat, the apples should soften.
11. Break the cinnamon stick into several pieces.
12. Put pieces of cinnamon sticks in lingonberry-apple jam, keep on the burner for several minutes.

Tasty Facts

– To taste, at the end of cooking jam , you can add a little cinnamon, cloves and lemon zest.

– If the berries are picked ahead of time, they can be made to ripen . To do this, put a ripe red apple or tomato in a bowl with lingonberries.

– When cooking lingonberry jam, you can add less sugar, the jam will not deteriorate during storage. Berries contain benzoic acid , which inhibits the development of bacteria that cause decay.

– Fragrant and tasty jam is obtained from lingonberries, cooked with the addition of apples, pears, oranges and walnuts. Honey is added to lingonberry jam, replacing some of the sugar with it. — Cowberry contains antioxidants — vitamins C and E, it contains a lot of vitamin A, which is useful for skin and hair. Cowberry jam is rich in pectin, which helps to remove cholesterol and toxins.

– In order to preserve the maximum amount of vitamins , it is better not to boil lingonberries, but grind them with sugar. In folk medicine, lingonberry jam is recommended for women in the postpartum period, and for men to prevent prostatitis.

— Lingonberry jam is served as a side dish for fried meat and poultry. Sweet and sour lingonberry jam is an excellent filling for pies and pancakes.

– Caloric content of lingonberry jam – about 245 kcal / 100 grams.