How long to cook hawthorn jam?

It will take 1 day to make hawthorn jam.

Hawthorn jam

Hawthorn – 1 kilogram of fresh berries
Sugar – 1 kilogram
Citric acid – a quarter of a teaspoon
Water – 1.5 cups

Food preparation
1. Free the hawthorn from the stalks and sort it out, removing the blackened and crushed berries.

2. Pour 1 kilogram of berries into a colander and rinse thoroughly with cold running water. To make the water completely glass, leave the hawthorn in a colander for 15 minutes, shaking regularly.

Cooking in a saucepan
1. Pour 1 kilogram of sugar into a saucepan and pour in one and a half glasses of water, put on medium heat.
2. Bring the syrup to a boil, for better dissolution of sugar, it is recommended to stir the syrup.
3. Pour hawthorn berries into the prepared hot syrup, mix and leave at room temperature for 12 hours.
4. Bring the saucepan with hawthorn berries in syrup to a boil over low heat.
5. Add a quarter teaspoon of citric acid, then, stirring constantly, cook hawthorn jam for 20 minutes.
6. Cover the pot with jam with a clean kitchen towel, place a lid on top of the towel, and let the jam cool.
7. Pack hawthorn jam in clean, dry jars and cork with plastic or twist lids.

Cooking in a multicooker
1. Place hawthorn berries in a multicooker bowl, add water, sugar and citric acid.
2. Cook on the “Stew” or “Soup” mode for about two hours.
Fill the bowl no more than two-thirds – if necessary, reduce the tab of the products, while maintaining the proportions.

Preparation in a bread maker
1. Put the hawthorn berries, sugar, citric acid into the bowl of the bread maker and add water.
2. Cook for 1.5 hours in the “Jam” or “Jam” mode.
When laying the products, focus on the volume of the bucket of the bread machine, which is not recommended to fill more than two-thirds.

Tasty Facts

– Ready jam becomes “oily” in appearance. The foam that forms during the preparation of jam must be removed with a spoon.

– To remove moisture , which continues to evaporate from the finished jam until it cools, cover the pot with the cooling jam with a towel. Otherwise, drops of water that get into the jam can cause it to ferment during storage.

– Hawthorn berries have rather large seeds, which are difficult to get rid of. To prepare pitted jam , it is recommended to boil the berries for 5 minutes in a small amount of water and then rub through a metal sieve.

– Hawthorn normalizes the work of the heart, accelerates blood flow, strengthens blood vessels. Hawthorn jam helps to restore strength during overwork, relieves the condition with a cold. However, do not abuse hawthorn jam, this delicacy can reduce pressure , which can fall below normal.