How long to cook jam from bananas and oranges?

In a saucepan , cook banana and orange jam for 45 minutes over moderate heat.
In a slow cooker , cook for 45 minutes, the “Extinguishing” mode.
Cook in the bread machine for 50 minutes, “Jam” mode.

Banana and orange jam

Oranges – 2 pieces (500 grams)
Bananas – 3 pieces (500 grams)
Sugar – 1 cup

Food preparation
1. Cut three peeled bananas into circles.
2. Dice the flesh of two oranges.

Cooking on the Stove
1. Place the oranges in a saucepan, add 1 cup of sugar, top with the bananas.
2. Heat to a boil (small fire).
3. Boil banana-orange jam over moderate heat for 45 minutes. Stir.

Preparation in a slow cooker
1. Place oranges, bananas, sugar in a bowl.
2. “Baking” mode – cook for 40 minutes.
3. Open the slow cooker and stir the jam.

Preparation in a bread machine
1. Place oranges, bananas, sugar in a bucket.
2. Set the bread maker to the “Jam” mode and cook for 45 minutes.

Tasty Facts

– Jam from “winter” fruits – bananas and oranges – is great to cook in winter, when the prices for ready-made jam are high, and you want a sweet addition to pancakes or other desserts. Banana-orange jam can be cooked all year round, so this delicious and beautiful dessert is usually not prepared for the future. If you still need to store jam for a long time, add 2.5 cups of sugar and use a sterilized container.

– The amount of sugar used in the recipe depends on the fruit’s own sweetness. If the oranges are sour, you can add more sugar.

– To taste, oranges can not be cut, but squeezed into juice, and after cooking, chop the jam with a blender – the jam will acquire a uniform consistency.

– For jam, ripe or slightly unripe bananas, with fairly dense pulp, are suitable.

– The white layer from the pulp of the orange and the seeds must be carefully removed – when cooked, they can give the jam a bitter taste.

– Jam from oranges and bananas can burn during cooking, so you need to gently stir it regularly with a spoon, trying to keep the shape of the banana pieces.