How long to cook Easter?

Depending on the amount of products, boil the custard Easter in a water bath for 30-50 minutes. And you don’t need to boil the usual one – just boil it so that the eggs grab hot. After cooking, Easter must be insisted in the refrigerator for more thickening for half a day. In total, Easter time in the kitchen must be given 1.5 hours.

How to cook Easter

Cottage cheese (5-18%) – 1 kilogram
Butter – 100 grams
Sour cream (10-15%) – 270 grams
Egg yolks – 4 pieces (if the eggs are large – then 3 pieces)
Sugar – 4 tablespoons
Dried fruits or candied fruits for filling – 100g

How long to cook Easter?

How to cook Easter
1. Squeeze out excess moisture from cottage cheese and pass it through a sieve or meat grinder twice.

How long to cook Easter?
2. Separate the yolks from the proteins, pour into a saucepan.
3. Beat the yolks with a fork or whisk, add honey and sour cream, cottage cheese, mix thoroughly with a fork or pass through a meat grinder – the mass should be the consistency of melted ice cream.

How long to cook Easter?
4. Pour water into a large saucepan and put a saucepan with yolk mixture on its bottom – this is how a water bath is obtained.
5. Boil the mass for Easter for 40-50 minutes until thickened, without closing the lid, over low heat (there should be no seething in the saucepan, only light steam).
6. When the mass becomes dense, transfer the saucepan with the mass into a saucepan with ice water, constantly stirring the mass itself.
7. Stir in the filling (any dried fruits and candied fruits to taste).
8. Cover the pasochnik with gauze in 2-3 layers and put the curd mass into it.
9. Put Easter in a bowl lined with several layers of gauze (so that excess moisture does not accumulate in Easter and make it wet), and cover with a small oppression.

How long to cook Easter?
10. Cool Easter completely and put in the refrigerator for at least 12 hours, regularly wiping the resulting moisture.

How long to cook Easter?

11. Carefully remove Easter from the pastry box and remove the gauze, turn the Easter over and put it on a festive dish.
How long to cook Easter?

Tasty Facts

– For cooking Easter, you need to choose fresh-tasting cottage cheese and thick fat sour cream. It is better to buy crumbly homemade cottage cheese. Remember that Easter should in no case have a sour taste, so dense cottage cheese for cooking Easter is only good as a last resort. In order to prepare store-bought cottage cheese for cooking Easter, you need to squeeze out excess liquid from it using a press.

– Easter molds can be bought in the store during the Easter holidays. To save money, you can use handy utensils: a grater (the most common option), plastic glasses (0.5 liters) with holes, or flower pots, or plastic bottles. The holes are extremely important so that excess liquid comes out of the Easter. If you take care of preparing Easter in advance, then a variety of beekeepers are brought to stores before the Easter holiday – made of wood, cardboard, silicone and plastic. But remember that the classic Easter always endures oppression.

– Traditionally, the Easter basket is covered with gauze, but the mesh remains from the gauze. To make the mesh less visible, the gauze is moistened with water or replaced with polyethylene.

– There are 2 ways to grind cottage cheese – in addition to a sieve, you can use a meat grinder by simply passing the cottage cheese through it 2-3 times.

– Easter can be decorated with candied fruits, walnuts or pine nuts, almonds. For softness, they can be finely chopped. They can lay out the traditional “XV” on Easter. Also, coffee beans, pieces of chocolate, colored cream, colored sprinkles are suitable for laying out the “XB”.

– To give Easter a dessert taste, vanillin, condensed milk, chocolate, eggs and dried fruits (figs, dried apricots, raisins, bananas) are added to it.

– Sugar in the recipe can be replaced with honey, then the taste of Easter will be even more tender.

– Serve Easter cut into pieces, like a cake.

– Store Easter covered with foil, 2 days in the refrigerator.

– The time of Easter infusion in the refrigerator can be up to 3 days. Traditionally, Easter is cooked on Wednesday-Thursday.

– If you like, you can add whipped cream to Easter, they will give Easter a pleasant custard flavor.

– It is better to prepare mass for Easter with a margin, so that as Easter settles in the form, you can achieve restoration of its volume.

– If the Easter turned out to be liquid, soak it for 1-2 hours in the refrigerator right in the pan, it will be more dense.

– If you plan to bring Easter to the temple, it is recommended to put all Easter in the freezer the night before the holiday. Then even with a strong sun, Easter will not suffer. Moreover, if a lot of Easter has been prepared, then you can take Easter out of the freezer as needed, and you can not worry about storing it for 1 month.