How long to cook duck legs?

Cook duck legs until cooked or in a salad for 30 minutes, and if very large, then 40 minutes. Boil duck legs in soup and broth for half an hour longer.

How to cook duck legs

The process of boiling duck legs begins with defrosting. If the meat is in a bag, then you just need to slightly open it, but do not remove it completely, leave it for several hours. Next, rinse the meat thoroughly with water. If you know the bird was not young, leave the duck feet in the water for a few hours. After that, put the meat in a container and pour boiling water over it. Before cooking, we need to prepare the broth itself:

  1. take a pot
  2. pour 2-3 liters of water into it,
  3. put on a small fire
  4. wait for the water to boil and add: salt, onion, carrots, black pepper and parsley,
  5. reduce the gas pressure on the stove,
  6. put the duck legs in the water and wait for the boil,
  7. when boiling, foam will appear on the surface of the water, we remove it every time it is collected.

The boiling process will take 30-40 minutes. In the future, boiled duck legs can be given an even more attractive look. To do this, we heat fat (20 g) in a pan and lay out the legs. Cooking duck legs in a pan should last until a golden crust appears on the meat. You can serve duck prepared in this way on the table after heating in a microwave oven. We spread on a large dish, pour the broth on top.

What to cook with duck legs

Duck is not fatty meat and is considered too exotic to cook. Usually it is baked, rarely fried. But sometimes, for various reasons (from a diet for weight loss to a doctor’s prescription), the duck is boiled. The legs are considered the most accessible part, and it is quite simple to prepare them.

Duck legs make a good jelly, they are quite fatty and the meat is quite dense – it will not fall apart even with long cooking (which cannot be said about chicken usually added to jelly). On the legs very tasty broths are obtained .