How long to cook currant jam?

To cook 1 liter of pitted jam, you need 1 kilogram of berries and 750 grams of sugar. Cook jam from mashed berries without oilcake for 1-2 hours, of which cooking 30-40 minutes. Depending on the variety and juiciness, currant jam may require up to 1 hour of cooking to solidify and have a dense consistency. The bread maker will simmer the jam, so cook in it for 20-30 minutes longer.

How to cook currant jam for the winter

Products for cooking jam
Red or black currant, or both – 1 kilogram (1 liter jar and another 1/4 liter jar)
Sugar – 500-750 grams

How to cook currant jam
1. Select ripe, dense berries for jam. To correctly measure the amount of currant, you can use a liter jar. In 1 liter jar 750-800 grams of berries.
2. Peel the currants from twigs and leaves, rinse (if you use homemade berries and are sure that the currants were not sprayed with chemicals, then you do not need to wash).
3. Put the currants in a saucepan, pour in 50 milliliters of water and put on fire.
4. Bring the berry to a boil with constant stirring over low heat.
5. Using a potato masher, crush the berries (carefully, the berries will splash).
6. Boil the mixture for 2 minutes and remove from heat.
7. Place the sieve on the pan, put some of the berries into the sieve with a tablespoon or slotted spoon, press with a spoon or slotted spoon.
8. Wipe the entire mixture so that the cake and seeds do not get into the jam – then you can cook compote from it or brew it with tea.
9. Squeeze the cake over the sieve with your hands, after putting on plastic gloves.
10. Strain the berries again.
11. Pour the strained jam base into a saucepan, put on fire.
12. Pour sugar, cook jam for 30 minutes, stirring constantly and dripping jam on a saucer to check readiness.

Pour hot jam into sterilized jars, cool in a blanket and put away for storage.

Currant jam in a bread machine
1. Place the grated currants in a bread machine, add sugar and mix.
2. Cook jam in a bread maker on the “Jam” mode for 1-1.5 hours.

Making delicious jam

Making currant jam is truly Russian entertainment. Currant – both red and black (and more often both at the same time) – breeds in every second summer cottage, it is unpretentious to conditions, therefore, after wintering, the bushes bloom again and again. Almost the whole of July is the currant season, in the North of Russia the season starts a little later.

The question arises which currant is better suited for jam – red or black. We answer: choose any to your taste, you can both at once and even with the addition of white (it tastes the same as red).

Of course, the simplest currant preparation is to grind the berry with sugar, and for long-term storage in any conditions, it is enough to cook jam from whole berries . But it is currant jam that is ideal as a filling for cakes and rolls, for pancakes and just spread on cookies. It’s all about the consistency – if for jam currants are boiled with whole berries, which are felt in the finished dessert, then for jam the berry cake (peel and seeds of berries) is removed, and due to sugar and its own gelatin, the jam acquires a homogeneous consistency and is elastic enough to a jar of jam steadfastly held a spoon.

To get rid of the seeds when making jam, wipe the currant through a sieve. It will be very easy to do this if you preheat the berry in the oven or blanch it: put it in a colander and lower it into a pot of boiling water for 2 minutes. If the redcurrant seeds are too small and pass through a sieve, you can use gauze, folding it several times.

By the way, you can not use gelatin to cook currant jam, because. berries contain natural gelling agents. And do not be afraid of the liquid consistency of jam during cooking: after the dessert has cooled, it will acquire a thick consistency.

There is a myth that there are no vitamins left in jam, but this is just a myth. Even after long-term cooking, vitamins that are resistant to high temperatures remain in currant jam: P, which strengthens the walls of blood vessels and vitamin K, which increases blood clotting, potassium, which is useful for the heart muscle, and pectin, which promotes the removal of harmful substances.

Currant jam without cooking – is it worth it?
Making currant jam without boiling will be more difficult, because. scroll the berries and then grind them with sugar to a homogeneous consistency – an occupation for people of rare diligence or powerful gadgets. In addition, currant jam prepared without cooking will be with bones. Also keep in mind that jam without cooking will require more sugar, which means the taste will be less berry and more cloying. In addition, it is likely that the grated berry will be candied during storage. We also note: if there are problems with the gastrointestinal tract, it is better to use boiled berries.