How long to cook cullen skink?

Cullen skink cook for 1.5 hours. Of these, pure time in the kitchen is half an hour.

cullen skink

Haddock – 1 piece
Potato – 4 tubers
Onion – 1 head
Milk – 2.5 cups
Butter – 10 grams
Parsley – 5 sprigs
Pepper – at the tip of a teaspoon
Salt – 1 teaspoon

How to cook cullen skink
1. Peel the haddock, rinse with cold water and pat dry.
2. Put the cleaned fish in a saucepan, pour 2 cups of water so that the fish hides under it, add a pinch of salt and put on medium heat.
3. Peel 1 onion head, cut off the rhizome.
4. Put onions into boiling water with fish, reduce heat and cook for 5 minutes.
5. Remove the fish from the broth and leave for 5 minutes to cool.
6. Remove the skin from the cooled haddock and remove all the bones, put the meat in the broth and cook over medium heat for another 1 hour.
7. Peel the potato tubers with a vegetable cutter and rinse with cold water.
8. Cut the potatoes into cubes with a side of 2 centimeters, place in a separate pan, pour water so that the water completely covers the potatoes, and put on fire.
9. Salt the potatoes with 2 pinches of salt and cook for 20 minutes after boiling.
10. Rinse parsley, dry and chop with a knife.
11. Strain the broth with fish, set aside the haddock meat.
12. Add 2.5 cups of milk to the broth, mix everything well and put on medium heat.
13. Boiled fish cut into thin slices.
14. As soon as the broth with milk boils, add pieces of fish to the pan and simmer for 5 minutes.
15. Separately boiled potatoes are well mashed to a state of puree.
16. Place the potatoes in a pot with broth, mix well until a homogeneous consistency is formed, season with oil, pepper, salt.
17. Hold the cullen skink on low heat for 2 minutes.
18. Sprinkle the cullen skink soup with herbs before serving.

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Tasty Facts

– Cullen skink is considered a traditional national Scottish dish . The basic ingredients are cold-smoked haddock, potatoes and onions. In Britain, it is served along with other traditional dishes and is considered the pride of the national cuisine.

– If you literally translate the name of the dish “skink” from the language of the Celts from Scotland, then it means “essence”. And Kallen is a seaside, fishing town, to which the dish is attached. Kallen is the place where they first started cooking it. At the moment, “Cullen soup” is perceived by everyone as “very thick soup from Cullen.”

– The dish is popular throughout the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, but is most common on the northeast coast of Scotland, in the Moray region.

— The dish can be a thick soup. By adding a lot of potatoes, you can make it the main, even the only dish, replacing the whole dinner with them. Cullen skink with haddock is often served as an appetizer at formal dinners.

– Scottish fish soup can be boiled in water, but it is often replaced with milk. This ingredient gives the fish a rich taste.