How long to cook chicken offal?

Boil chicken offal for half an hour over medium heat under a lid.

How to cook giblets

Take chicken livers, hearts, chicken stomachs. Basically, chicken offal is sold in markets and farms, in stores you can often buy hearts, navels and liver in separate trays. Cut hearts and giblets in half lengthwise, cut out blood vessels, fat and clots; cut the liver into 2-3 parts. Rinse the giblets and put in a saucepan, pour water for cooking. After boiling, if the offal is boiled for broth, strain it and bring it to a boil again. For a clear and light broth, you can drain the first broth. Reduce heat, add salt and spices, and cook chicken offal for 30 minutes.

We cook in a multicooker

Products Chicken giblets – half a kilo Onions – 1 piece Garlic – 1 prong Lemon – half a lemon Zira – on the tip of a knife Cilantro – on the tip of a knife Suneli hops – on the tip of a knife Greens – to taste Salt and pepper – to taste How to cook offal in a slow cooker Chicken giblets (hearts, ventricles, liver) clean, wash and finely chop. Peel the garlic and pass through the garlic press. Peel the onion and cut into half rings. Put chicken offal, onion, garlic, zira, cilantro, suneli hops, salt, pepper on the bottom of the multicooker, squeeze out lemon juice. Mix well. Put on the “Extinguishing” mode and simmer for 1 hour, stirring every 10 minutes.

Soup with chicken offal

Products Chicken thigh – 1 piece Chicken hearts – 100 grams Chicken stomachs – 100 grams Chicken liver – 100 grams Carrots – 1 piece Onion – 1 head Potato – 3 pieces Noodles – 3 tablespoons Salt and pepper – to taste How to cook soup with chicken offalClean stomachs and hearts and wash well. In a 4-liter saucepan with 3 liters of water, put the chicken thigh, stomachs and hearts. Bring to a boil, cook, removing the foam with a slotted spoon, 30-40 minutes. Take out the chicken, separate the bones from the thigh, chop the meat. Stomachs and hearts cut into cubes. Boil the chicken liver separately, cool and cut into circles. Then put chicken giblets and meat in chicken broth. Wash the potatoes, peel and cut into cubes with a side of 1.5 centimeters, add to the broth. Peel and cut the onion; peel the carrots, wash and grate on a coarse grater. Fry the onion in vegetable oil for 5 minutes over medium heat without a lid, then add the carrots and fry, stirring, for another 10 minutes. Put the carrot-onion frying in the soup, then add the noodles, salt and pepper. Cook soup with offal for another 5 minutes.