How much to cook chicken snacks

The time for preparing a boiled chicken snack will be needed to boil the chicken and prepare the base of the snack – from half an hour to 1.5 hours, depending on the complexity of the snack. Some processes for preparing chicken snacks can be performed in parallel to each other.

Chicken appetizer with cucumbers

Products Chicken breast – 2 pieces (about 500 grams) Fresh cucumber – 4 pieces Basil – leaves for decoration Pesto sauce – 2 tablespoons Mayonnaise – 6 tablespoons Freshly ground pepper – 1 teaspoon Salt – 1 teaspoon How to make a chicken appetizer on cucumbers1. Boil the chicken, remove the skin, film and bones, cut the chicken meat into small pieces. 2. Put 6 tablespoons of mayonnaise into the prepared chicken meat, combine with two tablespoons of Pesto sauce, add a pinch of freshly ground pepper, salt, and mix well until a homogeneous mass is formed. 3. Rinse four fresh cucumbers and cut into slices of an elongated oval shape 0.5 cm thick, arrange them on a flat-bottomed plate and put a teaspoon of the resulting boiled chicken mixture on each of them. 4. Rinse fresh basil under running water and decorate each serving of boiled chicken appetizer with leaves.

Chicken Appetizer with Peanut Sauce

Products Chicken – 1.5 kilograms Chicken broth – half a glass Onions – half a medium head Wheat bread – 2 slices Walnuts – 1 cup Butter – 1 tablespoon Pepper (red) – 1 pinch Salt – half a teaspoon How to make a snack from chicken with sauce1. A small chicken, weighing 1.5 kilograms, rinse well and cook for 1.5 hours (salt the water at the end of cooking), remove from heat, pour the broth into a glass. 2. Cool the chicken, remove the skin and bones, separate the meat into fibers or cut into small slices. 3. In 1/2 cup of the resulting chicken broth, soak two slices of wheat bread, squeeze out excess liquid. 4. Wash the onion thoroughly, peel and finely chop. Put in a saucepan, add one tablespoon of butter and fry until lightly browned for 3 minutes. 5. Twist the fried onions and soaked bread with a meat grinder. Throw a pinch of red pepper into the resulting mass. 6. Finely grind a glass of walnuts, add to the mixture of onions and bread, mix, add 1/2 teaspoon of salt. In terms of density, the sauce should resemble thick sour cream (to dilute a thicker sauce, it is enough to combine it with a few tablespoons of broth). 7. Put the pieces of chilled chicken meat in a deep dish and pour the prepared sauce on top.

Chicken rolls with ham in lavash

Products Chicken fillet – 500 grams Ham – 300 grams Chicken egg – 5 pieces Cheese (hard) – 500 grams Kefir – 1/2 cup (125 milliliters) Lavash (thin) – 1 piece Wheat flour – 1 tablespoon Green onions (feathers) – 1 bunch (150 grams) How to cook chicken rolls with ham1. Rinse the chicken fillet, dry it, separate the film and divide each half in half. Boil for 30 minutes in salted water. 2. Rinse green onions and chop finely. 3. Finely grate half a kilogram of hard cheese using a grater and divide in half. 4. Cut the ham into small square plates. 5. Cool the finished boiled chicken meat and cut into small pieces. 6. In a deep bowl, combine the prepared ingredients: chicken meat, grated cheese, ham and onion. 7. Cut a sheet of square pita bread into 10 identical parts, put about 200 grams of filling on each of them and spread evenly over the pita bread with a spoon. 8. Roll up tight rolls and put them in a heat-resistant baking dish. 9. Beat with a whisk 5 eggs and 125 milliliters of kefir, add flour, salt and pepper. ten. In an oven preheated to 230 degrees, put a plate with rolls, pre-fill them with prepared egg sauce. 11. Bake for about 20 minutes until a light crust forms, remove the dish, sprinkle with the rest of the cheese and bake for another 8 minutes. Chicken rolls can be served either hot or cold.

Homemade chicken shawarma

Products Chicken fillet – 400 grams Fresh tomatoes – 1 piece Fresh cucumbers – 2 pieces White cabbage – 150 grams Carrots – 1 piece Lavash (thin) – 1 piece Garlic – 3 cloves Sour cream – 3 tablespoons Mayonnaise – 3 tablespoons How to cook homemade chicken shawarma1. Rinse the chicken fillet well, put it on the boil for 30 minutes, salt the broth. 2. Cool the boiled chicken meat and divide into fibers. 3. Cut white cabbage into thin strips and crush a little until juice is formed. 4. Cut one fresh tomato into medium cubes, chop a couple of cucumbers into large strips. 5. Using a medium grater, chop the carrots and combine them with chopped vegetables. 6. Prepare the sauce. To do this, mix mayonnaise and sour cream in equal parts, add chopped 3 garlic cloves. Mix ingredients. 7. Lay thin pita bread on the table in one layer, cut it into several pieces. 8. Evenly coat it with the prepared sauce using a spoon. 9. Put chicken meat and chopped vegetables on one edge of the pita bread, add a teaspoon of sauce and roll into a tight roll.